Top 5 Screenplay Coverage Services in 2024


Getting a fresh perspective on your work can be tough, especially when you’ve been immersed in your writing for a while. That’s where feedback becomes crucial. Screenplay coverage services provide an objective evaluation of your script from someone who not only understands storytelling inside and out but also knows the industry.


If you submit your script to a studio, agent, or producer, chances are you won’t see the notes written by the reader, making it impossible to address any issues raised. However, with screenplay coverage, you have the opportunity to do just that.


In this article, we’ll explore the top five screenplay coverage services in 2024, helping you make your script industry-ready.


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Shore Scripts


Our ultimate goal at Shore Scripts is, and always has been, to help emerging writers break into the industry, and that’s exactly what our dedicated team of readers and consultants do. We have many years of experience behind us, and we deliver detailed and comprehensive feedback at extremely reasonable rates ranging from $85 – $300 with a standard 2-5 day turnover.


We all take part in judging scripts for our annual Feature, TV Pilot, and Short Film Fund contests and our growing number of alumni success stories shows that we’ve got a great eye for talent. If one of our readers recommends a script via coverage, it gets assessed by our internal team, and the three best scripts each month are chosen for distribution. Once we have the writer’s permission, these three scripts are sent out to select members of our roster of industry professionals and directors, meaning that there’s also a great opportunity to gain exposure, as well as get helpful feedback, and at no extra cost to the writer!


We also have examples of our coverage reports online. View our 3-Page Report, our Standard 6-Page Report, our 10-page Development Report, and Proofreading. Writers can request a specific reader if they wish to continue a working relationship. You can check out our reader bios here.


While we have many return customers, as mentioned, using one or more coverage services is a great way to evaluate both your script and the company providing you with the feedback. Again, it’s all about what service best suits your needs, so we’ve looked at the market, read the reviews, and even had our own screenplays assessed by other companies to give you a list of Coverage Services you can trust to deliver quality reports and hopefully help you become a better writer in the process.


Roadmap Writers


Roadmap Writers offers a script services program designed for dedicated writers committed to polishing their screenplays. Writers can submit their scripts for a comprehensive coverage service, where expert readers scrutinize the material and provide detailed notes to ensure it is market-ready.


Writers receive 3-5 pages of in-depth notes and comments within 1-2 weeks. The coverage assesses all aspects, including pacing, story structure, and character development, offering constructive feedback on strengths and weaknesses.


Plus, if you receive a “Recommend” from your reader they’ll do one round of personalized marketing to managers and producers (up to 5) for your screenplay for free. 




If you need feedback in a hurry, WeScreenplay could be for you. Offering a 72-hour turnaround time, their basic feature package starts at a very reasonable $59.99. They also offer television pilot feedback starting at $49.99 and short film coverage starting at $39.99. 


You get pages with notes on character, plot, structure, marketability, and other elements from professional readers who are decked with experience in the industry and know their stuff. 



Bulletproof Script Coverage


Part of Indie Film Hustle, Bulletproof’s coverage service has the unique approach of reading your script while primarily keeping the specific goal of your movie in mind.


Prices range from $79-$199 and there’s a 5-day turnaround time. Your script is aligned with a reader with industry experience in that specific market and there’s the option to request the same reader for an additional fee.


Their coverage categories include Micro-Budget, Indie Film Market, Studio Film, Television/Streaming, and Short Films.


Industrial Scripts


Solely focusing on script development, Industrial Scripts offers multiple services to suit your needs ranging from Film Forensic Notes, Industry Reports, Show Bible Notes, and Standard analysis. 


Their Film Coverage Report is $195, and they also have television pilot reports, along with other feedback options on marketing materials like film treatments and show bibles. With over 1000 verified customer reviews, this place comes highly recommended.


Get Feedback Today!


Whether you choose Shore Scripts’ coverage service or another, feedback on your screenplay is a game-changer, especially before pitching it to reps and execs. 


So, dive into the feedback pool, absorb those insights, and use them to level up your script. With the right screenplay coverage, you’re not just refining your work – you’re gearing up for success in the tough world of storytelling. Happy writing! 


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