Top 5 Screenplay Contests to Enter in 2024


Winning or placing in a screenwriting contest can kickstart a writer’s career, but not all contests provide the same opportunities. While a hefty cash prize may seem like a great reward, it’s essential to evaluate whether it genuinely propels your writing journey for the long haul or just covers immediate expenses. Different contests serve different purposes, so it’s crucial to choose the one that aligns with your overarching career goals for lasting success.


When deciding where to submit your screenplay, it’s vital to weigh factors like the contest’s competitiveness, the caliber of its readers, and its standing in the industry. To simplify your planning for 2024, we’ve narrowed down a select few contests from the broad spectrum available.


Shore Scripts


Of course, we’re kicking off with our own contests at Shore Scripts. But this isn’t just about self-promotion. We belong to a dedicated few who consistently push our writers’ work into the Film & TV Industry spotlight. This commitment has resulted in over 100 success stories from our talented pool of writers.

Reasons to Enter

  • Winning scripts are read by our OSCAR, GOLDEN GLOBE, EMMY & BAFTA-winning & nominated Judges.
  • We have a dedicated Writer Development Manager who will get on calls and work with over 50 of our writers in 2024 to help them grow as screenwriters, and get their work out there into the industry and create success. 
  • Our Industry Roster of over 300 managers, agents, production companies, producers, and directors who are on board to read the best scripts entered this year. 
  • We’ve helped start the careers of over 100 writers who have gained representation, optioned, sold, and have had their screenplays produced.
  • Over $47,000 in Cash Prizes are to be given out in 2024 and we award many other prizes. 
  • Plus, we finance 2 short films per year.




WeScreenplay is a competition providing recognition, growth, and valuable feedback to screenwriters. Plus, they run a variety of labs for hands-on experience. The competition’s track record of success stories includes representation, signings, and productions for past winners and finalists. WeScreenplay is a solid choice for emerging talents seeking a supportive and diverse creative community.

Reasons to Enter

  • At least 4 winners will be invited to participate in WeScreenplay’s exclusive Virtual Lab, which is a once-in-a-career opportunity to network, get exposure, and learn from other successful writers.
  • The company offers cash prizes.
  • Winners will take meetings with development executives, attend notes sessions, and learn how to make the most of a client/rep relationship with managers and agents.
  • There’s also ongoing mentorship from WeScreenplay.


Our contests have helped over 100 writers kickstart their screenwriting careers

See how our Feature, TV Pilot, Script Development Fund & Short Film Fund Contests can help you break through as a screenwriter




The PAGE Awards is a top-tier screenwriting competition known for its lucrative cash prizes, industry recognition, and networking opportunities. With a rigorous judging process, the competition values both creative excellence and commercial potential. PAGE actively supports diversity, making it a welcoming platform for storytellers from various backgrounds. For aspiring screenwriters, it provides exposure, feedback, and a chance to kickstart their careers in the entertainment industry.


  • A $25,000 cash prize is offered to the Grand Prize winner.
  • There are the expected promotional services and memberships to various things like InkTip, Filmarket Hub Pro, Roadmap Promo Package, and 10 Pitches on VPF.
  • Even if you don’t win the grand prize, there are plenty of opportunities to place for winnings as gold, silver, or bronze finalists.

GoldenScript Competition


While you might not be familiar with this UK-founded contest, the GoldenScript Competition is an internationally acclaimed competition that’s worth entering, regardless of your location. Boasting a stellar panel of over 60 OSCAR and BAFTA-winning judges, this competition offers a unique opportunity to have your script reviewed by industry experts. It features a ‘Golden List’ akin to the renowned Black List. Despite its relatively brief existence, the contest has significantly propelled the careers of many winning writers, helping them secure representation and advance in the industry.


  • This lesser-known contest may have better odds to win – but that doesn’t mean scrimping on the quality of your scripts!
  • Inclusion on the Golden List, which allows their roster of esteemed executives, producers, and directors access to the winning scripts.
  • The top 3 winners receive a 1-year ISAConnect Membership, a 1-year Screenwriting Staffing Membership, a 1-year FILMUSTAGE subscription, and an unlimited subscription to Filmarket Hub & Spotlight Mailing to Filmarket Hub’s International Database. 
  • John J. McLaughlin will hold a one-on-one masterclass with the feature winner.
  • Jessica Sharzer will hold a one-on-one masterclass with the TV pilot winner.




It may be a smaller company but BlueCat is still a standout choice. Known for its unwavering commitment to discovering and nurturing fresh voices, BlueCat provides a unique opportunity for writers to receive constructive feedback from industry professionals.


  • All submissions receive feedback at no extra cost.
  • Winners are introduced to over 400 managers and agents
  • Over $18,000 is awarded in cash prizes.
  • There are better odds of winning with a smaller competition.


Choosing Your Contest


Selecting the right screenwriting competition is vital for emerging writers. Each contest provides distinct advantages, from constructive feedback to industry visibility. Whether you go for established competitions like the PAGE Awards or explore newer options like BlueCat, every contest is an opportunity for progress in your writing journey. Happy writing!