The Script Reader’s Cheat Sheet

Struggling to launch your screenwriting career?

We understand. It’s tough. That’s why Shore Scripts was created; to help emerging screenwriters connect with the Film and TV industry.

But did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of new screenplays written every single year? That’s a lot of competition. But did you ever stop to think about who actually reads all of those scripts?

Script Readers of course!

Screenplay contests, coverage services, literary agents, studios, production companies, film festivals, you name it, whenever there are tons of screenplays to read, that is when script readers are required.

They’re literally the backbone of the industry (some may even call them The Gatekeepers).

Some readers have been working in the industry for years, but often it’s an entry-level position and more importantly, it’s a stepping-stone job to bigger things – especially screenwriting!

Oh, and did we mention that one of the single best ways to improve your screenwriting is by reading and analyzing other scripts, so why not get paid to do it, right?

Not sure where to start? Presenting The Script Reader’s Cheat Sheet!

Our very own Head of Education, Lee Hamilton, has put over a decade’s worth of reader experience into this helpful guide to everything script reading.

This insider’s guide will reveal:

    • How to write useful, enlightening, comprehensive script coverage – fast.
    • How to analyze your own scripts, potentially saving expensive coverage service costs.
    • How to rationalize and look at Story objectively.
    • What script readers are looking for in every screenplay and why.
    • How to construct effective loglines and much, much more!

Using the downloadable and printable Cheat Sheet Checklist, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint pivotal talking points from any screenplay and choose from a plethora of useful and relevant “cheats” ready to be copied, pasted, or rewritten into your own report.

Script Reading can be done remotely, making it a great way to gain industry experience and develop a network of connections, all from the comfort of your own home. So, what’s stopping you? Take that first step today and buy the book.

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Our Head of Education, Lee Hamilton, is a script reader, developer, and author. Lee was one of the original readers to join Shore Scripts and has since moved into education and development, penning numerous articles, workbooks, and writing courses. Follow her on Instagram @thescriptreader or check out her website

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