**Update 2023 – Following the attachment of French filmmaker Fleur Fortuné, it has been announced that Alicia Vikander (EX MACHINA, THE DANISH GIRL) and Elizabeth Olsen (AVENGERS, DOCTOR STRANGE) have signed to star in THE ASSESSMENT, which is gearing up for a shoot in Cologne later this year at MMC Studios. // Read More // Read Variety //

Following their contest win, Mrs&MrThomas’ 2016 winning feature screenplay, THE ASSESSMENT (formerly The Assessor,) was optioned by our Feature contest Judge, Oscar-nominated producer, Stephen Woolley (Their Finest) with producing partners Elizabeth Karlsen (Carol) and Jo Laurie (The Limehouse Golem).

Shore Scripts made the introduction and Stephen and Elizabeth’s production company Number 9 Films is a member of our renowned Industry Roster of 150+ Producers, Managers, and Agents, who have signed up to receive the best scripts from our contests. 

Number 9 Films have produced: Carol, Byzantium, Great Expectations, Perrier’s Bounty, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, Youth & others. 

Winning Shore Scripts has been a wonderful and career changing experience. We’ve since gained representation with a great London agent, had excellent industry feedback on our script, and met with terrific producers Stephen and Jo at Number 9 Films who we’ve formed a great working relationship with since they optioned the script. Winning has opened some doors we simply couldn’t have opened ourselves. As writers we’re now developing several other scripts that we’re looking to sell. Shore has shown us that the career we’ve always wanted is possible. It’s a terrific competition that’s well recognised within the industry. Many thanks again for this opportunity, that is so important for opening doors for new writers. Mrs&MrThomas.





In an overpopulated Britain, in 2027, a perfect couple elects to complete a grueling and humiliating assessment where a stranger scrutinizes their suitability for parenthood.