The 5 Best Video Game Writers of All Time

By Ol James.

When you play a video game, do you find the detail, depth, and originality of the story have a great effect on your experience?

You’re not alone.

Let’s take a look at the writers who have given us some of the most memorable video game stories and characters of all time.

The five best video game writers of all time are, in no particular order, Susan O’Connor, Kazushige Nojima, Yuichiro Tanaka, Eric Barone, and Greg Kasavin. These writers are responsible for creating the most compelling and highly awarded games of recent years, many with multiple successes over long careers.

#1 Susan O’Connor

O’Connor has been writing for games since 1998, and as an award-winning freelancer, has contributed to the story development of games like BIOSHOCK and FAR CRY 2.

O’Connor also wrote the scripts and dialogue for GEARS OF WAR and has story and writer credits for games developed out of globally respected franchises like TOMB RAIDER, STAR WARS, and WARHAMMER.

O’Connor has been held up as one of the most prolific and successful female writers working on video games today!

#2 Kazushige Nojima

Nojima worked for SquareEnix until 2003, developing some of the most beautiful games we know and love FINAL FANTASY VII, FINAL FANTASY VIII, FINAL FANTASY X (and X-2), and THE KINGDOM HEARTS series.

These games hang around 80-90% on Metacritic but trust us when we say these are undoubtedly some of the best-written games ever. Nojima takes players on deeply emotional and affecting adventures with characters who remain beloved long after the gameplay’s complete.

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#3 Yuichiro Tanaka

Responsible for delivering PERSONA 5, one of the most memorable RPG game stories of all time, Tanaka has become a highly respected video game writer.
PERSONA 5 has a Metacritic rating of 95% on PC and PS4.

You’ll be struck by the verisimilitude of the world and characters you encounter while playing PERSONA 5 and by the beauty of the world.

More than anything else though, PERSONA 5 offers rich dialogue and scenarios to play through.

Tanaka also worked with Atlus, the same studio, on the writing of CATHERINE, PERSONA 4, and PERSONA 3.

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