Shore Scripts Approach to Coverage & Transparency

By: Laura Huie

As any writer will tell you, solid, actionable feedback from a professional coverage service is critical for creating a stronger, more successful script. But with so many different coverage services out there nowadays, it can be difficult to choose which service best fits your specific needs (and offers the most bang for your buck).

Shore Scripts’ coverage service provides writers with valuable feedback for taking scripts to the next level. Patty Papageorgiou, a screenwriter and former post-production coordinator in film and television, serves as our Coverage Service Manager for Shore Scripts. We talked to Patty about how our coverage services have evolved in the past year.

Read on to learn about the exciting new developments in our coverage service.

Annual Statement of Transparency

This is the first year our team at Shore Scripts has published the Transparency Report, having worked on a year-long program, including a review of our scoring guidance, scoring categories, complaints procedures, contact points, staffing, and more—all to improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at Shore Scripts.

“I think [the Transparency Report] fits with Shore’s ethos of supporting writers’ development in an all-inclusive manner. The statement aims to also help writers make an informed decision when considering entering our contests or asking for coverage, so they know if their investment suits their particular needs.

It is also important, and beneficial to writers to have access to information about our reader team (anonymously of course), so they have an understanding of the diverse range of professionals who are assessing their work.” – Patty Papageorgiou

Women of Color Unite (WOCU) is a social action organization focusing on fair access, fair treatment, and fair pay for women of color in all aspects of the entertainment and media industries. The call for greater transparency and accountability in TV and feature film screenwriting competitions, labs, fellowships, and coverage services includes making information about the demographics of readers and the judging process readily available, as well as requiring readers to receive sensitivity training.

Shore Scripts is the first screenwriting contest to sign-up for the initiative that aims to support TV and feature film writing organizations to become more inclusive, thereby expanding media representation to reflect the diversity of our world.

Click here to see our 2022 Annual Transparency Report.

Expansion of Coverage Services

In the past year, Shore Scripts has expanded our coverage services to more than just a comprehensive review of a finished TV or film script. We now offer additional services for treatments, the first 10 pages of a script, and proofreading.

“Treatments were something that writers had enquired about in the past, which highlighted it as something there was a need for. Sometimes writers do not have a full script yet, but a treatment for their idea, which can be used to attract interest for the script to then be written. Just as with screenplays, it is helpful for writers to get an evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment as a selling tool.

The first 10 pages of a script can be crucial in capturing a reader’s interest. So it’s helpful to writers to know if their opening pages do a good job of setting up the vital elements to keep the pages being turned.

As for proofreading, presentation is everything—typos may always manage to make it into a draft, but if they are consistent this can be off-putting to a reader and disrupt the experience of reading the script. Of course, writers will and do check over their stuff, but a second pair of eyes always brings a fresh look and will spot things that have been missed.” – Patty Papageorgiou

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3 Best Scripts of the Month Initiative

Every month, with the writer’s permission, our team sends the best three scripts received via our coverage services to members of our Industry Roster. This year, Peter Katz (Story Driven), Daniel Seco (Empirical Evidence), Sean Dubravac (Entertainment Lab), Zack Zucker (Bellevue Productions), and Steven Russell (Collective Talent), have agreed to receive details of our 3 Best Scripts of the Month and are actively looking for emerging talent.

The Monthly Best Initiative is an extension of our work with our Industry Roster, to whom we have always circulated Winners and Finalists scripts, and other placed scripts where there might be a specific match for what the producer, agent, or manager is looking for. The 3 Monthly Best is a testament to the strength of our relationship with these industry members, in that they are willing to read drafts based on the writer’s and/or script’s potential.

As a result, the decision to submit your script or additional material for coverage at Shore Scripts also invites the possibility of your work being reviewed by an industry executive.

Why Shore Scripts Coverage Stands Out

With a 2-5 day turnaround and a wealth of vetted, experienced readers (from companies like Universal, Lionsgate, Working Title, BBC, Netflix, and many others), Shore Scripts is dedicated to providing constructive, actionable feedback to all writers.

“Our aim is development—we help writers improve their script in the best way that serves their vision. […] We offer approachable feedback for writers by writers and offer actionable suggestions and ideas that writers can consider or implement in their work going forward. We always explain why and how something can be fixed, improved, or elevated. The feedback we’ve had from writers tells us that we offer constructive notes, and they have always been able to make progress on their scripts.” – Patty Papageorgiou

Click here for more information about Shore Scripts’ coverage services. You can also email Patty at to learn more and discuss any questions you may have.

Laura Huie is an experienced writer and editor involved in comedy-drama screenwriting, fiction editing, and full-time marketing copy. Laura is also a freelance article writer for Shore Scripts and has worked with Script Pipeline on their live Symposium series. She is one-half of screenwriting duo, Bloom & Huie. Together, they have written multiple television series as well as a feature-length film. Their mission is to write honest and witty female stories wrapped up in unbelievable worlds. 

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