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Adam Mirels / Producer

141 Entertainment is a Sundance and Spirit award-winning independent production house behind features like INGRID GOES WEST and MARJORIE PRIME and the upcoming Ana Lily Amirpour film MONA LISA AND THE BLOOD MOON. Their development slate is focused on bringing new and often underrepresented voices to the screen.

Ben Pugh / Producer

42 is an Oscar award nominated management and production company, responsible for BATMAN BEGINS. 42 has also won a Daytime Emmy award for WATERSHIP DOWN. They represent writers, directors, and media book rights.

Alex Thiele / Producer

65 Wilding films is an international film production company managed by Producer Alex Thiele. Alex produced BREAK MY FALL written by BAFTA-nominee Kanchi Wichmann (Writer/Director) and THE BOOK OF GABRIEL written by award-winner Lisa Gornick.

Bryan Brucks / Producer

831 Entertainment is an LA-based talent management & multimedia company committed to discovering, developing, and supporting diverse and international talent. Producing award-winning Best Narrative Short ROAM (2021) and the Young Artist award for BLENDED. The 831 strategy is client-centric and focuses on developing content & projects that align with the personal and professional aspirations of their clientele.

Nicholas Bogner / Producer

Affirmative Entertainment is an award-winning management and production company. They produced the documentary DARLING! THE PIETER-DIRK UYS, STORY, and thriller film USE ME.

Sergei & Marina Bespalov / Producers

Aldamisa Entertainment is an award-winning innovative film production, financing, and worldwide distribution/sales company. Features include Frank Miller’s SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR and CHEF. Aldamisa is focused on providing the most appropriate production and financing options to producers.

Jake Wagner / Producer

Alibi Entertainment is an ASCAP film and Television Music and Golden Trailer award nominee for comedy feature STUBER, produced by Jake Wagner.

Eleni Larchanidou / Producer

Amerindia films is a Chilean film development, production, and release company. Winning 2020 Prague International Monthly film and Tagore International film awards in The Best LGBT film for SHINING MOON DIRECTOR’S CUT. Amerindia was also an award winner in 2020, taking the Tagore International film in Best Narrative Feature for PELICANO. In 2014, Amerindia films created Amerindia Cultural Foundation. A non-profit whose mission is to promote the dissemination of culture and professional specialization of talent for new generations throughout Chile.

Adam Goldworm / Producer

Aperture Entertainment is an award-winner for Best Picture MY FRIEND DAHMER. A boutique management and production company founded by Adam Goldworm in March 2009. Aperture has received many nominations for the films LAST WITCH HUNTER and THE PRINCE.

Iain Sinclair / Producer

Artemis films is an award winning British independent film production company. They have produced films like THE TEMPEST and CORIOLANUS. They focus on creating original, high quality content. Julia Taylor-Stanley set up Artemis films Ltd in April 2008 to produce a number of high quality films with commercial value and the ability to attract international distribution.

Brendan Deneen / Producer

Assemble Media is an award nominee production company for the feature film MAINSTREAM written and directed by Gia Coppola, which premiered at the 2020 Venice film Festival and will be released by IFC films. Upcoming projects include wish-fulfillment comedy MOST LIKELY TO at Netflix, THE REMARKABLE JOURNEY OF COYOTE SUNRISE at Walden Media and comic adaptation MERCY SPARX with MGM.

Mark Lo / Producer

Asylum Giant is a Los Angeles Independent film award nominee. They exist to develop and produce high quality Feature films, Television Drama & Documentary projects such as feature COUNT ME IN and both shorts, NOIR-MAN and VENICE. Their goal is to make the kind of bold and original content that will excite, challenge, and entertain audiences worldwide.

Judson Scott / Vice President of Film

Atomic Monster is an award-winning American film and television production company, founded by James Wan. They have produced features like THE CONJURING 2, ANNABELLE, and LIGHTS OUT. Currently in development includes feature KNIGHT RIDER and a remake of the 90’s horror hit ARACHNOPHOBIA. Atomic Monster is a Teen Choice award winner for the TV series MACGYVER.

Ehron Asher / Producer

Auroravista Entertainment is an award-winning film & television production company with a slate of films across a broad range of genres and budgets. These productions include ZOMBEX, written and directed by Jesse Dayton and MAN DOWN. An upcoming feature, KEEPER OF THE CUP, written by David Turner; was a finalist at the Austin film Festival and is currently in pre-production.

Rick Dorfman / Head of Comedy

Authentic’s clients are known as some of the top artists in their respective fields, nominated for and having won top awards, starred in box office blockbusters and Sundance hits, as well as small-screen favorites. Authentic empower their clients to fulfill on what truly matters to them over the course of their long and varied careers and their bicoastal team of expert managers represents the full needs of their clients in every area, including theater, film, television, and digital media.

Lincia Daniel / Producer

B19 is an independent film and TV production company. They have produced the short film, DEAR ALBION, and feature film FREESTYLE.

Rupert Majendie / Head of Comedy

Baby Cow productions is a multi-award-winning production company that produces high quality, boundary pushing scripted comedy and drama with something to say, across television, film, and digital platforms. Features includes PHILOMENA, an Oscar-and Golden Globe nominated film and STAN & OLLIE nominated for a Golden Globe award. They are currently in production with Channel 4 drama commission CHIVALRY, and BBC hits Alan Partridge comedy THIS TIME 2, PLS LIKE, and THE WITCHFINDER.

Phil Hunt / Co-managing Director

Bankside is a leading international sales and film finance company for independent films such as JELLYFISH, a Michael Powell and Hitchcock award-winning film, written by James Gardner and Simon Lord. GIRLS NIGHT is an upcoming film in pre-production.

Barry Katz / CEO, President

Barry Katz is an Emmy and Grammy nominated TV-film-record producer, talent manager, and podcast host. He is universally known for representing iconic artists like Louie Anderson, Ken Jeong, Andy Dick, Hasan Minhaj, and Mike Epps. Katz produced the multi-award-winning film BUMBBELLS. He was involved in the original sale of the Emmy-nominated Comedy Central ROASTS, which has become one of the longest running, most profitable, annual specials franchises in the history of TV.

Ramfis Mythril / Co-President

Beast of the East productions is an award-winning New York based film company. They have produced CICADA and 8 SLICES. Co-founder Ramfis Mythril was the co-producer on the multi-award-winning film THE FINAL MISSION.

Rene Bastian / President

Belladonna productions is a Golden Globe, Grammy, and Academy award nominated production company. They have produced award winning films such as, IGBY GOES DOWN written by Burr Steers and HONEY BOY written by Daytime Emmy award-winner Shia LaBeouf. Belladonna is active in developing, financing, producing, and distributing quality films, television, and commercials.

Benjamin Scott / Producer

Beneficial Entertainment Ltd. was founded and developed in the Cayman Islands by Ben Hudson in 2008 as small boutique services production company. They have produced the Snapchat series LIFE BY THE HORNS. Upcoming features include HANNAH and HIDDEN.

Eugene Rhee / Producer

Eugene Rhee is a Korean American producer, writer and director based in Los Angeles. He produced the Hulu Original film INTO THE DARK: FLESH & BLOOD with Blumhouse productions, which premiered to rave reviews in November 2018 as the second feature film in Hulu’s horror anthology. He was a creative consultant on award-winning film FAST FIVE, the fifth film in Universal Pictures FAST & FURIOUS” film franchise. He was a Universal Writers Program and Page International awards finalist and is an IFP Emerging Narratives Fellow.

Matthew Justice / Managing Director

Big Talk is one of the UK’s award-winning leading film and television production companies. Features include the Blockbuster Entertainment award BLADE and Empire award, UK THE WORLD’S END written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. It has an outstanding slate of original film and television comedy and drama, and a track record of nurturing talent both emerging and established. They were named ‘production Company of the Year’ at the 2014 Edinburgh TV awards and ‘Best Independent Production Company’ at the 2017 Broadcast awards.

Andrew Bendel / Producer

Blue Horizon productions produces feature films (narrative fiction and documentaries) like METROLAND for the international market, and commercial West End theatre. In 2013 the company also expanded into European television drama. They are currently working on MUSIKLAND an upcoming TV series.

Julia Balleza / Film and TV Team

Blumhouse productions is a multi-award-winning American horror film and television series production company. Winning Oscars for the horror film GET OUT and drama film WHIPLASH, they are also a NAACP Image award winner for the feature film US. THE NORMAL HEART won a Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Television Movie and they are perhaps best known as the producers of THE PURGE feature film franchise and TV series, and other box office successes such as PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, GLASS, and SPLIT.

Ivan Mactaggart / Producer

Cambridge Picture Company is a film, television and theatre production company based in Cambridge, UK, run by producer/financier Ivan Mactaggart. CPC produced the biography, drama, and history film RED JOAN starring Judi Dench. They often work in partnership with Trademark films, the production company of Oscar and BAFTA winning producer David Parfitt, co-producing a slate of feature films and TV drama projects. Upcoming projects include HUMANOID and THE GALAPAGOS AFFAIR.

Irune Gurtubai / Producer

Caravan Cinema is an award-winning production company. Their film PATATA TORTILLA won the BAFTA award for Best Drama. Other wins include the films PIKADERO and LIMBO, which was also nominated for the BAFTA award. Both films went on to receive multiple awards.

Carla Mooney / Executive Producer

Cardel Entertainment is a full-service award-winning production company headquartered in Ireland, with satellite offices in London & Beirut. They produce music videos, commercials, and feature films. Winning the 2021 Sundance award for their documentary CUSP, Cardel was founded in 2010 by brother and sister duo, Carla and Delwyn Mooney. Cardel produces productions across different continents worldwide.

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Rodney Mansour / Producer

Cinemotion Films is a Sydney based production company focused on capturing cinematic emotion and the truth it inspires in all people. Rodney Mansour has a strong background in subscription TV having worked for Foxtel for 7 years; from promos to content creation, winning a 2016 Silver Promax for Best Marketing Video. He is currently in post production on a 35 min short and in development on a psychological thriller feature film.

Kees Kassander / Producer

Kees Kasander (THE COOK, THE THIEF, HIS WIFE, AND HER LOVER) created Cinatura as an international and innovative media company based in the UK. Cinatura focuses on the development of feature films, television series, and internet productions. Recent successes include the BAFTA and Cannes award-winning FISH TANK. They also produced MOTHER LAND, SUMMER IN THE SHADE, and WHO THE DEVIL CAN SEE IN THE DARK. Upcoming feature LUCCA MORTIS is set to be released soon.

Richard Johns / Producer

Corona creates bold, talent-led scripted content for global film and television markets. Having started with independent features like award-wining film TRUTH OR DIE and award nominee for THE LIABILITY starring Tim Roth, they are now firmly based in television production. They differentiate themselves by their entrepreneurialism. Every film and drama are unique – and they build a bespoke business plan around each unique piece of content.

David Perlmutter / Producer

As one of Canada’s first independent family film production companies Chesler/Perlmutter established itself in North American and global film markets through its development, production, and distribution of more than $8bn of content. The company’s extensive talent relationships include Jason Bateman, Jim Carrey, Rob Lowe, and Willem Dafoe to name but a few. Chesler/Perlmutter continues to focus on meeting film market demands, particularly in specific niche family genres, such as holiday, adventure, and comedy.

Pippa Cross / Producer

CrossDay productions was set up in 2003 by Pippa Cross and Janette Day. Together, they strive to create an eclectic slate of films that satisfy both commercial and arthouse audiences. Building on their success at Granada films where the two had worked previously, their films have won two Academy awards, eight BAFTAs, a Golden Bear at the Berlinale, and the audience award at Sundance. They have produced the films like BEYOND THE GATES (John Hurt,) MADE IN ITALY (Liam Neeson,) DESERT DANCER (Nazanin Boniadi,) and SUMMER IN FEBRUARY (Dan Stevens).

Mike Castaldo / Producer

Destiny Pictures is an award-winning film and television production company founded by Producer, Mark Castaldo. They have produced the award-winning documentary RUN and the short comedy THE MEETING, along with DOSE OF REALITY and SERVING SANTINO. Their mission is to work with the best talent of the cinematic world, providing a platform for artists of all backgrounds and formats to make their voices heard.

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Jordan Devitre / Director

Devitre Media is an Australian film and television production company founded in 2019 by Writer, Director, and Actor Jordan Devitre. Productions range from feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos, web series, and several television productions. The team all share the same burning desire… To tell stories with passion. There are many people out there on the down-side of advantage in getting their stories told. Those times are over.

Greg Gilreath / Producer

Divide/Conquer was founded in 2013 and is run by Producers Adam Hendricks & Greg Gilreath. The company has produced more than twenty feature films, most notably the award-winning LUCKY starring Harry Dean Stanton, Netflix’s CAM a Fantasia multiple award-winner, IFC Midnight’s THE WIND, Kelly Oxford’s PINK SKIES AHEAD and Universal Pictures’ FREAKY (2020). They have several films to be released in the next year including Amazon’s THE VOYEURS.

Michael Klein / Manager

Dobre films is a production and literary management company specializing in the development of feature films and television. They have produced award-winning films such as, LAST ONE, SUNOD, SHHH, and SAVING SALLY. Their clients have also produced a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award-winning film MASTER OF NONE and Primetime Emmy award winning film STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.

Alex Tate/ Exec. Producer Film and TV

Dog Eat Dog is a film and tv production company based in London, Berlin, and Los Angeles. They produced feature film DAMASCUS COVER starring Johnathon Rhys Myers and are committed to delivering the very best for each project – for agency, client, and audiences alike.

Jen Kenwood / Executive Producer

Drama Republic is a Golden Globe and award-winning independent production company founded in 2013 by Greg Brenman, Roanna Benn, and Jude Liknaitzky. They are a home for distinctive, bold, and compelling stories and have produced films like THE HONOURABLE WOMAN and BLACK EARTH RISING. Their UK TV series PURE produced for Channel4 was acquired by HBO Max in the U.S. Drama Republic is driven by a passion for working with writers and directors and pride themselves on putting them at the very heart of everything they do.

Emilie Jouffroy / Producer

Elation Pictures is a UK film and TV production outfit, set up by Emilie Jouffroy and Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl, award-winning producers of short and feature films; DORIS, TAKK FOR TUREN, and NASTY. Their films have been selected for festivals including Sundance, Cannes, SXSW, and Telluride. In 2016 Emilie won a BAFTA for EDMOND, the same year that Kamilla was nominated for producing MANOMAN. In October 2017 they premiered Tupaq Felber’s debut feature TIDES as part of the Official Selection at BFI London film Festival. They are supported by the BFI’s Vision awards.

Dan Patack / Producer

Ellipsis Entertainment Group is an award-winning talent and literary management company. Their clients have received film credits for two-time Oscar and award-winning films GOOD WILL HUNTING and MANK, and two-time Golden Globe award-winning TV mini-series CHERNOBYL, and OZ.

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Lizzie Cater / Producer

Everyone We Know is the brainchild of writer/director Thomas Wilson-White and producer Lizzie Cater. Their feature film THE GREENHOUSE premiered at BFI: Flare 2021 and won the Audience Choice Award at Mardi Gras Film Festival and Best Film at Gold Coast Film Festival. Their short film ST. AUGUSTINE premiered in competition at MIFF 2019 and a feature version is currently in development. They are also developing the LGBTQIA+ documentary series TAPESTRY and a 10 x 30 minute dramedy SICK TO DEATH, both supported by Screen Australia.

Devon Byers / Producer

Hollywood’s First Friday Entertainment connect diverse and different storytellers with access to industry opportunities. They have produced award-wining films such as ROAD TO THE WELL, JONESTOWN, and INTERSTATE. First Friday is on a mission to ensure that unheard stories are not only told and shared but compensated and celebrated.

Kirstie Macdonald / Creative Director TV

FilmNation is an Oscar and multi-award-winning leading independent entertainment company. They have produced the Oscar award-winning film ARRIVAL, THE MEXICAN, and PRESTIGE. They focus on production, financing, and distribution of premium content. The company has grown from its roots in independent film and established itself as a home for specialty storytelling with global appeal by focusing on a highly selective group of projects that emphasize both creative integrity and commercial appeal.

Emily Rasenick / Creative Executive

Footprint Features want to tell character-driven stories that appeal to a mainstream audience. They believe that in a collaborative art form like film, the only way for people to do their best work is if they feel safe and comfortable with their fellow collaborators. Footprint Features produced Netflix WHEN WE FIRST MET and SHIMMER LAKE, ABOUT ALEX, and FAMILY WEEKEND. Today, Footprint is developing several new projects, and continues to expand their relationships with the finest writers, directors, producers, and performers of character driven material in the business.

Leo Pearlman / Producer

Fulwell 73 announced its arrival to the film world with the release of their debut feature, IN THE HANDS OF THE GODS (Lionsgate). Since then Fulwell has produced some of the most critically lauded and commercially successful feature films and television programs released over the last decade. These include award-winning films; HITSVILLE: THE MAKING OF MOTOWN (Showtime), BROS: AFTER THE SCREAMING STOPS, I AM BOLT (Universal), and THE LATE SHOW WITH JAMES CORDEN (CBS).

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Jason Goldberg / Director of Development

Launched in 2016, Gunpowder & Sky is a fast-growing independent studio known for groundbreaking music, pop culture, and breakthrough docs and doc series. G&S has released 40+ feature films and series in partnership with leading services including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Epix, and Starz and also multiple hit podcast series, including the #1 fiction podcast on Apple and the #1 podcast on Audible.

Joe Dain / Producer

Global Digital Releasing is a film distribution company that specializes in worldwide digital platform releases of indie feature films. Their award-winning films include; BULLIED and GROUPERS. In the changing world of distribution, they work on the cutting edge of opportunities for filmmakers to get their movies seen by the widest possible audience.

Ben Turnbull / Producer

Haus Pictures is an award-winning full-service production company working in film and experiential storytelling. films produced include THE TREEHOUSE, ONE SHOT, EDMUND THE MAGNIFICENT. Upcoming productions include a Jed Hart film WHEN THE NIGHT COMES, a Ben Orkrent film SWANSONG, and a Dwayne Gumbs film RUNNING OUT OF GRIME.

Christian Baute / Producer

Headline Pictures was founded in 2005 by BAFTA nominee and International EMMY-winning producer Stewart Mackinnon, former BBC Head of Drama Mark Shivas, and screenwriter Kevin Hood (BECOMING JANE, A ROYAL NIGHT OUT). They have co-developed and co-produced one of Amazon’s most watched dramas THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, the global box office hit QUARTET directed by Dustin Hoffman, and THE INVISIBLE WOMAN directed by Ralph Fiennes and written by EMMY and BAFTA-winner Abi Morgan (SHAME, THE IRON LADY, SUFFRAGETTE). Current projects in development include CALL MY AGENT, adapted by BAFTA-winner John Morton.

Luke Foster / Development Executive

Iron Box films is a London based production company, inspired by the best of American and European cinema to create filmmaker driven works for cinema and television. Formed in 2007 as a small video production company and Iron Box have steadily grown since then and have produced films including RAVERS and SIEGE ON LIPERTI STREET. On the upcoming slate are WOLF NIGHT, TRADE MARK, and THE FIRST CYPRIOT ASTRONAUT.

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Stephen M. Coates / Producer

JBH Entertainment are known in Australia for championing projects that are original and innovative. Producer Stephen M. Coates is interested in projects that bring something new to the table; from small contained pieces all the way up to studio blockbusters.

How to become a screenwriter. Screenplay Contests. Screenwriting Contests.

Jamie Bialkower / Producer

Jump Street Films is an Australian-based production, distribution, and consultancy firm with a commitment to, and interest in, quality cinema. The distribution label has been behind such indie hits as A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS, THE ITALIAN, THE GROCER’S SON, and COPACABANA. Currently in financing for production are literary adaptations of AFTERNOON OF A FAUN, ANDORRA, and BLACK ROCK WHITE CITY, as well as spec script 37 HEAVENS.

Louise Mutter / Head of Production

Lookout Point is one of the UK’s leading television producers, known for delivering scripted series with scale, ambition, and global impact. Their BAFTA-nominated show GENTLEMAN JACK, created by Sally Wainwright (HAPPY VALLEY, LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX) for BBC One and HBO won the RTS award for Best Drama Series. Other productions include Vikram Seth’s A SUITABLE BOY, LES MISERABLES starring Dominic West and David Oyelowo, and the hugely acclaimed production of Tolstoy’s masterpiece WAR & PEACE.

Rebecca Keane / Producer

Mammoth Screen is a television production company based in London and Belfast. They make high-quality, writer-led dramas and comedies for British and international broadcasters. They are also one of the UK’s leading production companies. Shows include POLDARK, NOUGHTS AND CROSSES, THE WAR OF THE WORLDS, THE ABC MURDERS, WORLD ON FIRE and THE SERPENT for BBC1, ENDEAVOUR, Primetime Emmy nominee VICTORIA, VANITY FAIR and SINGAPORE GRIP for ITV. They are an ITV Studios Company.

Jenny Halper / Director

Maven Pictures was co-founded by partners Celine Rattray and Trudie Styler, is a transatlantic development, production, and financing company. Styler, a BAFTA-nominated and BIFA-winning producer (LOCK STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and MOON) and Golden Globe winner Rattray (THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT) focus on innovative storytelling with premiere talent. They have produced BAFTA nominee AMERICAN HONEY, NOVITIATE, and FILTH.

Jacob Nasser / Producer, VP & EP

Nasser Entertainment is an industry leader in film and television production. Their mission is to create quality entertainment in all genres while giving a voice to Independent filmmakers. Their credits include numerous award-winning and internationally distributed projects including FINAL GIRL, RECOIL, and THE LAST BRICKMAKER IN AMERICA.

Alice Burridge / Development

Producer Arnon Milchan founded New Regency productions after the incredible successes of his films PRETTY WOMAN and THE WAR OF THE ROSES. He went on to produce countless critical and box office successes including J.F.K, A TIME TO KILL, FREE WILLY, THE CLIENT, NOAH, and GONE GIRL. Milchan received an Academy award nomination for producing the film LA CONFIDENTIAL and with Twentieth Century Fox has produced back-to-back Academy Award Best Picture winners 12 YEARS A SLAVE and BIRDMAN, multiple Oscar winners THE REVENANT and THE BIG SHORT, and Golden Globe and Oscar winning BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY.

Shona Collins / Producer

Nexus Studios is an award-winning independent production and animation studio company. They have worked on Oscar award nominee and award-winning CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, Oscar winner A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, Primetime Emmy nominee BACK TO THE MOON, and award-winning Best TV Comedy HOLY FLYING CIRCUS. They are proud to provide a home for unique voices to craft their best work and tell a diverse range of stories.

Camilla Campbell / Producer

Noho film and TV is an independent television drama and film production company set up by Robert Wulff-Cochrane and Camilla Campbell who are joint Managing Directors. Recent productions include award-winner THE WINDSORS for Channel 4 and PRIME SUSPECT 1973 for ITV. Until 2011 Wulff-Cochrane and Campbell headed up the drama department at Channel 4 where they commissioned, among others, MISFITS, ANY HUMAN HEART, FRESH MEAT, TOP BOY, CAST OFFS, SKINS, and THIS IS ENGLAND 86 and 88.

Stephen Woolley / Partner

Number 9 films was co-founded by Elizabeth Karlsen and Shore Scripts Judge Stephen Woolley and has established itself as one of the UK’s leading independent production companies. Karlsen and Woolley jointly received the highly prestigious and coveted BAFTA award for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema in 2019. productions include CAROL nominated for 6 Academy awards, 6 Golden Globe awards and 9 BAFTA awards, THE END OF THE AFFAIR and INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, Golden Globe winner LITTLE VOICE, MONA LISA, and THE CRYING GAME. Other work includes GREAT EXPECTATIONS directed by Mike Newell, and BYZANTIUM directed by Neil Jordan. Recent releases include THEIR FINEST, THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM, ON CHESIL BEACH, and COLETTE, nominated for 4 British Independent film awards (BIFAs) and an Independent Spirit award.

Joanna Zwickel / SVP, Programming

One Foot Forward is the newly-minted division of MY Entertainment focused on creating premium content targeted at all major streaming services. Zwickel is an experienced development executive and produced recent projects including Hulu’s critically acclaimed documentary FYRE FRAUD, Sundance’s true crime series NO ONE SAW A THING, HBO’s LIBERTY: MOTHER OF EXILES and Peacock’s scripted series ANGELYNE, starring Emmy Rossum.

Simon TaufiQue / Producer

Simon TaufiQue is a British Indian, Emmy-nominated and multiple award-winning composer, and producer, known for The Interpreters (PBS), The Weight of Gold (HBO), Imperium (Lionsgate/Universal), and Berlinale-winner, She’s Lost Control.

Susan Simnett / Producer

Over The Fence films is driven by a passion for high quality filmmaking. films they have produced include FADIA’S TREE written and directed by experimental UK artist Sarah Beddington. With an eye for creative talent, they seek out potential projects, which they shape, develop, and bring to life with bespoke teams drawn from across the industry. Upcoming film; SAM AND THE ANGEL and RAY AND MOLLY AFTER THE APOCALYPSE.

Brandon Kops / Head of Partnerships

We Are Paradox believe entertainment can power breakthroughs in our culture. They make series, features and podcasts that are urgent, premium, empathetic, and optimistic. The team has 50-plus of years of expertise in entertainment development, production, sales, marketing, design, operations, and film/TV finance at brands including Brat TV, Conde Nast Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, StudioCanal, Vice Studios, Warner Brothers and William Morris Entertainment. They helped develop SOUL BALM Podcast by Clark Moore, BB LOVE, and THE RESOLUTIONISTS. Upcoming series includes DOROTHY THE GREAT, A WOMAN POSSESSED, THE PLUM RIVER SCHOOL FOR EXCITABLE GIRLS, and UNDERTOW CHIP.

Christopher Figg / Producer

Piccadilly Pictures was established by Shore Scripts Judge and producer Christopher Figg and lawyer and producer Robert Whitehouse to provide funding to producers and distributors. productions include the Golden Globe award-winner WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN starring Tilda Swinton, and BAFTA winner CORIOLANUS starring Ralph Fiennes.

Alex Boden / Producer

Pistachio Pictures is an award-winning UK film and TV production Company that focuses on working with the very best directing talent worldwide, to develop and produce English language feature films and television dramas. They have produced Oscar award-winning film DEFIANCE, Golden Globe award-winner CLOUD ATLAS, and the Wachowski’s groundbreaking Emmy-nominated Netflix Original Series SENSE8.

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Michael Kennedy / Producer

Michael Kennedy writes, develops, and directs feature films, TV movies, and episodic television. Michael has been instrumental in creating 16 feature films/TV movies and over 230 episodes of prime-time network television. Currently, a dramatic thriller feature film is in development entitled HOSTILE WITNESS.

Alex Baldwin / Producer

Radical Media is a fully integrated global media and communications company that produces content for film, television, and digital platforms, as well as immersive experiences and events, including THE SONS OF SAM, PORSCHE GOING THE DISTANCE, Golden Globe nominee HAMILTON, and Sundance winner SUMMER OF SOUL.

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David Redman / Producer

David Redman is CEO of Redman Entertainments and Co-CEO of Harvest Pictures Group and has been producing films for over 25 years. His credits include the Paramount distributed CHARLIE & BOOTS, SALUTE and TILL HUMAN VOICES WAKE US, and the highest-grossing Australian movie of its year, STRANGE BEDFELLOWS. In 2018 he expanded his experience into high-end television with BLOOM, for Stan & Playmaker. MEASURE FOR MEASURE starring Hugo Weaving premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival and was selected for Busan International Film Festival. David is also the longest-serving member of the Screen Producers Australia Council.

Leyla Hobart / Development Executive

In 1996, Elton John and David Furnish formed Rocket Pictures as a film production company. The company produced Oscar award winner ROCKETMAN, award winner SHERLOCK GNOMES, TANTRUMS & TIARAS, WOMEN TALKING DIRTY, and IT’S A BOY GIRL THING. GNOMEO & JULIET, the worldwide hit 3D animation, was released in 2011, featuring the voices of Emily Blunt and James McAvoy, as well as original songs by Elton and Bernie Taupin.

Sophie Vickers / Producer

Rooks Nest is a London based, internationally facing and talent driven production company. They develop, package, and produce feature films, docs, and TV series for audiences worldwide. They believe in quality over quantity, being a home for filmmakers and getting things done. They have executive produced Gillian Robespierre’s OBVIOUS CHILD, EL Katz’s SMALL CRIMES, and Adam Leon’s TRAMPS, as well as working on Robert Eggers’ THE WITCH. Rooks Nest currently has projects in development with Fox Searchlight, BBC films and the British film Institute.

Jason de Vyea / Producer

Founded and managed by creative producer and filmmaker Jason de Vyea, RUN Creative is a full-service boutique production agency based out of London, with teams situated all over the globe. They produce engaging and stylish films, digital videos, animations, and experiential media for distributors, global brands, and agencies. Their award-winning films include THE SEASONING HOUSE, FOOTBALL FABLES, and MAN AND BOY. They represent an expanding roster of talent made up of creatives including Directors, Producers, Writers, Cinematographers, and Post-productions specialists.

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Maria Nicholson / Development Coordinator, TV

See-Saw Films is a world-leading film and television production house, founded in 2008 by Academy Award, BAFTA, and Emmy-winning producers Iain Canning and Emile Sherman. See-Saw is made up of an industry-leading team across offices in London and Sydney. Past films include LION, THE KING’S SPEECH, WIDOWS, and television series include TOP OF THE LAKE and STATE OF THE UNION.

Adam Brawer / Producer

Sentinel Pictures is an independent film and television development company. They self-finance development with a mandate to source and develop commercial projects with broad international appeal. They were nominated for a Grand Jury Prize for the feature film MATCH. Their mandate is to develop compelling character-based films that target a broad audience and have the commercial appeal for a wide theatrical release globally.

Guy Heeley / Producer

Shoebox films is the award-winning film/TV production company built around director Joe Wright. Other principals include producers Paul Webster and Guy Heeley. They have produced award winning films SUMMERLAND, SERENITY, and British Independent film award winner LOCKE starring Tom Hardy. Upcoming films include SPENCER and THE ELECTRICAL LIFE of LOUIS WAIN.

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Clare Katavich / Producer

STAGE Films, working with STAGE Productions, is an IP acquisition and production company, focused on content across genres. STAGE Films also acts as Producer on larger budget productions in Australia. Content acquisition interest in reality based unscripted, rom-com, true stories, thriller, comedy, family drama and novel adaptions. STAGE Films is based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with local access to Village Roadshow Studios on the Gold Coast, Australia.

Brendan O'Neill / Producer

Stickleback productions is a production company run by producer, director, and writer Brendan O’Neill producing films like FLED, THE CONFUSION OF TONGUES, GWEN – A WARTIME NURE’S STORY, POWERLESS, INTERNALISED, and WILHELM THE DWARF VAMPIRE.

Jeff Singer / Founder

Stowaway Entertainment is an independent production company in Los Angeles that specializes in turning intriguing true stories into feature films, television shows, podcasts, and books. They have created numerous projects with some of the most prestigious companies in Hollywood including the hit true-crime podcast DEEP COVER: THE DRUG WARS with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jake Halpern and Malcolm Gladwell’s Pushkin Industries. Upcoming development is Brian Frazer’s hilarious and poignant memoir, HYPER – CHONDRIAC, as a television series.

Zoey Rose / VP Development

Suntaur is an up-and-coming indie production company. As VP of Development, Zac has helped develop, produce, write, and edit several series and films including MR. HOLLYWOOD, SKILLD LIKE THIS, AETERNUS, and DAY OF INDEPENDENCE.

Brandon Johnson / Head of Development

Superposition works to punch up slates of projects in development for full sale of rights, licensing, and distribution. They develop film and television projects for streaming and distribution from unique and underrepresented voices, through their network of industry professionals. Superposition is focused on leveraging unique voices to champion large audiences in a compelling and engaging way by creating transparent conversations and connections with talented content creators.

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Adam Taloni / Producer

Sweet As Entertainment is an independent film and television production company, based out of Sydney with branches in LA and London. Sweet As works with talented creatives who have a keen interest in multiple genres and mediums.

Cleone Clarke / Producer

Trademark is a London-based film and television production company founded by BAFTA and Academy award winning film producer David Parfitt. Trademark has produced Oscar award nominee and award-winning films WEEK WITH MARILYN and LOVING VINCENT. They have also produced I CAPTURE THE CASTLE. Their latest feature film THE FATHER, based on Florian Zeller’s play, has been nominated for six Oscars and received multiple awards.

Mark Holdom / Head of Sales

Trimuse Entertainment is a world-class leader in film production and distribution. They are a Canadian film Studio and full-service film production and distribution company whose mandate is to develop, produce, and distribute quality motion pictures. Trimuse has acquired and distributed over thirty Canadian and International films. Their titles include award winning horror thriller THE CURSE OF THE BUCKOUT ROAD, HOLLYWOOD NORTH, SILVER MAN, WE ALL FALL DOWN and award nominee FULL DISCLOSURE. Upcoming feature films in development includes BLUE ANGEL and HIGH DIVING with prolific, award winning television director Nick Copus (LETHAL WEAPON, GOTHAM, CW’S GREEN ARROW & THE FLASH) slated to direct.

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Julia Berg / Producer

Untamed Stories exists to push boundaries, provide hope, insight and illuminate life’s most fascinating and important elements through storytelling on screen. Julia has worked in the development of films such as SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, and PLEASE GIVE. Previously, Julia worked for BAFTA and Oscar-winning talent/producers – Maven Pictures, Likely Story, and JW films.

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Meghan Cruz / Development Executive

Vertigo films is a British independent TV and film production company. On the success of cinematic hits including MONSTERS directed by Gareth Edwards, BRONSON starring Tom Hardy, THE FOOTBALL FACTORY and STREETDANCE 3D, the company has built an integrated distribution, sales and post-production operation and became one of the most successful independent film companies in the U.K.

Taylor Wildenhaus / Prod. Manager

Wavelength is a film studio committed to developing, producing, and financing films that reveal their common humanity. Wavelength has spirited award-winning films such as WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR?, KNOCK DOWN THE HOUSE, FEELS GOOD MAN and FAREWELL AMOR along with Sundance award-winners SOFTIE, SEMBENE, WHERE’S MY ROY COHN? and SELAH AND THE SPADES. Wavelength is dedicated to cultivating diverse filmmakers in all stages of their careers.

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Adam Morane-Griffiths / Director

Wildcard films is a TV and film production company formed by a collective of filmmakers and creatives. They have made feature films and flagship television shows for all the major broadcasters, from award-winning drama to BAFTA winning comedy, in both fiction and factual including OUT THERE ON FRIED MEAT RIDGE ROAD, THE LEISURE SOCIETY, and I FOUND MY HORN. Their award-winning films include ROAR, and DARK_NET.

Tom Hawkins / Producer

Wildgaze films is one of the UK’s leading independent film production companies, with an impressive track record of producing high quality films. Their multi-award-winning films include BROOKLYN and AN EDUCATION which were both nominated three times for an Oscar and were produced by Finola Dwyer and Amanda Posey in addition to wartime thriller THEIR FINEST, OUR SOULS AT NIGHT for Netflix, A LONG WAY DOWN, DIRT MUSIC, QUARTET, and MY NAZI LEGACY.

Roderick Seligman / Managing Director

Founded by legendary UK TV Producer Tony Garnett and agent John Heyman, World Productions has produced over 300 hours of critically-acclaimed, award-winning drama for the BBC, ITV, Channel4, HBO & Sky, including LINE OF DUTY, BODYGUARD, THE PEMBROKESHIRE MURDERS, SAVE ME, BORN TO KILL, BETWEEN THE LINES, and IN PLAIN SIGHT.


Amy Wagner / Agent

A3 Artists Agency has earned a reputation and garnered access to all the major players in the industry. For more than 40 years they have managed award-winning writers and recently signed Will Berson, co-writer of Oscar-nominated feature JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH. A3 works with clients across all of our departments to maximize their brands, exposure, and income from all possible sources.

Julian Friedmann / Agent

Blake Friedmann is a leading literary agency, based in London but with international reach; both in the authors they represent and through the publishers and producers they sell to around the globe. Their writers include Greg Latter (BLACK BUTTERFLIES,) Matthew Chapman (RUNAWAY JURY,) Will Conroy (TRANSIBERIAN,) and Shore Scripts Judge Lucy Hay. They have an excellent track record in selling translation rights as well as books for film, TV, and theatre adaptation, and they also place their scriptwriters’ original works. Their enduring aim is to represent writers’ careers, rather than just individual books or projects, and to sell those writers into as many markets, languages, and media platforms as possible.

Matt Nordsten / Head of IP

Buchwald is an award-winning, industry leading talent representation company. Their full-service agency offers representation in every area of the entertainment industry: commercial, broadcast, film, theatre, television, literary, feature film packaging, personal appearance, syndication (radio, television and digital), branding/digital, and emerging talent. Representing clients such as Milo Addica, who won an Oscar for the Drama, Romance film MONSTER’S BALL. Other films include LOVEBIRDS, starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani, BIRTH, and BANDITS, which has been nominated for Golden Globe award.

Mark Casarotto / Agent

Casarotto Ramsay & Associates represent and manage many of the world’s best-known writers, directors, literary properties, and below-the-line talent in film, theatre, television, and new media. They have represented talent working on numerous award-winning TV series such as THE CROWN, SMALL AXE, LINE OF DUTY, BRIDGERTON, and films such as THE FATHER, and the latest James Bond movie NO TIME TO DIE. CRA welcome new, exciting, and powerful voices to their client roster, and they are strongly and vocally supportive of diversity and inclusion of marginalized groups within the industry.

Claire Best / Agent

Claire Best & Associates is an award-winning international talent agency representing some of the most respected names in the entertainment industry for film, television, and commercials. Since its inception, their clients have garnered numerous accolades including multiple Oscars, Golden Globe, Emmy, BAFTA, César, Golden Lion, LOLAS and Guild nominations and wins. Features include, SPEED, SALT, BATMAN, IT, HARRY POTTER AND HE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 2, and TV series such as CSI: NY. In 2018 Producer J. Miles Dale won the Oscar Best Picture award for THE SHAPE OF WATER.

Steven Russell / Agent

Steven Russell represents screenwriters and directors at Collective Talent. His clients had become award-winners for their films SHADOWS’ END, BE GOOD, and FOLLIES OF YOUTH. Other clients were given an opportunity to work on multi-award-winning series such as HOLLYOAKS and DOCTORS and BAFTA award nominated feature THE SURVIVALIST. With a range of experience in script editing, development, production, financing, and sales for film and TV, Steven works directly with his clients to focus on bringing both new & experienced voices to the screen.

Fiona Grant / Head of Department

Elizabeth Dench and Michelle Arnold are renowned, both in UK and internationally, for their carefully selected client list of award winning writers and directors that form a pool of talent at the helm of the British film and television industry. Their clients have produced award-winning films such as FUNNY BONES, HECTOR AND THE SEARCH FOR HAPPINESS, and SCREEN TWO, a BAFTA film award winner.

Tina Randolph Contogenis / Agent

Eris is a talent and literary agency representing, among others, the writer duo Michael Grais and Mark Victor, writers of the three-time Oscar award award-winner POLTERGEIST and subsequent franchise. Eris are a boutique talent agency specializing in TV, film, Theatre, Commercial, Print, Literary, Comedy/Hosting and Creators, delivering top talent to top clients.

Wendy Scozzaro / Agent

Felix de Wolfe is the longest established independent entertainment and literary agency in the UK. Since 1947, they have represented some of the country’s most talented people whose work encompasses a wide spectrum of the arts. Features include award-winning film DUSK written by multi-award-winner Jake Graf, CHANCE, and DAWN. They pride themselves on the quality of their client base and the excellent service they provide. Their eclectic client base includes actors, presenters, directors, as well as authors and writers for film, television, stage, and radio.

Luc Chaudary / Agent

One of the leading talent management companies in the U.K., International Artists Management’s diverse clients includes many of the UK’s top writers, producers and directors in television, film, and theatre. films include RIGHTEOUS VILLAINS and SMOKING GUNS written by award-winner Savvas D. Michael, THE DOUBLE DEAL written by award-winner Mark Holden and Doug Rollins. Their selective client list ensures personalized attention to every client.

Alec Drysdale / Agent

Independent Talent Group represents many of the most talented writers, directors and producers working in film, television, and theatre. Their clients include Golden Globe and multi-award-winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge (FLEABAG and KILLING EVE,) BAFTA nominee Jamie Brittain and Bryan Elsley (SKINS,) Marco Kreuzpaintner (SUMMER STORM) and Gilles Couliers (THE NATIVES).

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Raphael Berko / Agent

Media Artists Group is based in Los Angeles and has its roots in the Leonetti Talent Agency, one of the oldest agencies in Hollywood, with its SAG franchise going back to 1945. As such the agency has represented a host of stars including Kim Novak, Tippi Hedren, Jared Leto, and Jean Claude Van Damme to name a few. MAG has also produced ITS JUST THANKSGIVING DINNER and FEAR CITY.

Judith Moose / Agent

Midwest Talent Management has helped talent produce award-winning features such as OVER THE TOP written by Gary Conway, David Engelbach, Oscar award winner Stirling Silliphant, and three-time Oscar award nominee and multi-award-winner Sylvester Stallone, and Primetime Emmy award nominee REMINGTON STEELE written by Primetime Emmy and Writers Guild of America award nominee Michael Gleason.

Sam Laraki / Agent

PureFlare is based in Atlanta and is one of the fastest growing Bi-Coastal Talent Agencies. They are known for cultural diversity and have worked on film and TV shows including Golden Globe multi-award-winner GREY’S ANATOMY, NAACP Image Award Winner BEING MARY JANE, Primetime Emmy nominee and multi-award-winner DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

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Victoria Carwin / Agent

Scenario Artists is a boutique management agency representing exceptional talent worldwide across all mediums. Their mission is to put talent first, working closely with artists to guide and build their careers with confidence and achieve their goals. Scenario Artists is a division in Scenario & Co – an independent production company focused on developing and producing original content, collaborating with other productions and industry professionals, and showcasing the excellence of their talent.

Lucy Fawcett / Agent

Sheil Land Associates is a literary, theatrical and film agency and are one of the top five literary agencies in the UK. They represent film and TV writers (including animation and children’s), documentary makers and directors. These include award winning films; STAR WARS: EPISODE IX – THE RISE OF SKYWALKER, EASTENDERS, BETWEEN THE LINES, THE WOMAN IN BLACK, WOMAN IN BLACK 2: ANGEL OF DEATH, VERA, MESSIAH. They welcome approaches from new clients of all backgrounds, whether they have been published already or are first time writers.

Angharad Wood / Founding Partner

Tavistock Wood is a talent and literary agency that represents and advises artists of outstanding talent. In 2018, The Curtis Brown Group joined in partnership with Tavistock Wood. Tavistock Wood preserves its boutique character and client focus and its features their clients are known for are Sundance winner IN A WORLD… written by award-winner Lake Bell, Oscar award and multi-award-winner LEAVING LAS VEGAS written by Oscar award nominee Mike Figgis alongside John O’Brien, and Oscar award nominee THE LAST STATION written by Sundance and film Independent Spirit award nominee and award-winner Michael Hoffman alongside Jay Parini.

Jonathan Kinnersley / Agent

The Agency represent many of the most celebrated writers and directors of film, TV, and theatre. Features include SEVERANCE written by James Moran who also wrote the best comedy hit BLOOD SHED and CRAZY FOR YOU, and grand prize winner for Best Short film KISMET DINER written by co-writer Kitty Percy.

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James Beresford / Agent

The Artists Partnership is a leading UK agency representing top British and International talent across television and film. They represent leading writer/actors such as Idris Elba (IN THE LONG RUN,) David Thewlis, and Catherine Tate.

Carl Liberman / Agent

Now celebrating their 50th year, THE CHARACTERS has proudly represented some of North America’s top actors, directors, voice talent, producers & production talent starring in award winning and Oscar nominated films. films like THE PATRIOT starring Oscar award and multi-award winners Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, HUNTERS, CUBE and IN THE TALL GRASS written and directed by award winner Vincenzo Natali, and AMERICAN MARY written by award winning identical twin sisters Sylvia and Jen Soska.

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Danny Toth / Agent

For over seven decades, Gersh has remained one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment industry. With offices in Beverly Hills and New York, Gersh’s roster of clients includes award-winning writers, producers, directors and production talent in film, television, and new media. award winning films include TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES directed by award winner Jonathan Mostow, TUNTEMATON SOTILAS and 8-BALL directed and written by award winner Aku Louhimies, and KILO TWO BRAVO directed by BAFTA film award nominee and award winner Paul Katis.

Tiauna Jackson / Agent

The Jackson Agency was founded to embrace diversity. They have helped clients obtain honors in roles such as the Oscar’s, Golden Globe, and other award-winning films like SPEED starring Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, and Dennis Hopper, 18-time Primetime Emmy award winner STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, ATLANTA, GIFTED, and EXODUS written by award winner Alfretz Costelo. Today, they proudly stand side by side with their clients.

Mark Brennan / Agent

United Agents is a literary and talent agency that works across all areas of film and television representing screenwriters, directors, and producers. Their clients have been honored in the following BAFTA nominee and multi-award-winning films GOD’S OWN COUNTRY, WALKING NED DEVINE, NOWHERE BOY, and multi-award winner TV series HOLLYOAKS. Their screenwriting clients are award winners for SUGARLOVE and nominated for Best Feature film TWIN FLOWER written and directed by honorable mentioned and award winner Laura Luchetti, THE PASSING and MURMURS written by award winner Nichola Wong.

Kyle Jensen / Agent

Verve provides artist-first representation to the industry’s leading writers, directors, producers, and talent. Clients and partners have access to world-class strategies and opportunities in film, television, theater, alternative media, film finance, and publishing. They have helped their clients in the following award-winning films; THE PERFECT GUY, THE DIRTIES, PARAISO, and CW’S hit TV series THE FLASH, ARROW, and BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Verve’s team delivers a personal, hands-on experience that enables the creation of exceptional content around the world.


Robyn Meisinger / Manager

Anonymous Content has developed a reputation for cultivating artistic freedom while maintaining a commercial sensibility. The company is known for producing adventurous, director-driven work, such as TRUE DETECTIVE, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, and ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND, BABEL, all of which received numerous accolades, including Academy award and Golden Globe wins and nominations. In 2016, Anonymous Content was honored with a Best Picture Oscar for SPOTLIGHT and a Best Picture Golden Globe for THE REVENANT.

Kieran Maguire / Manager

The Arlook Group is a premiere creative management company specializing in talent management, TV, and film production. Their clients have been involved in films such as the Oscar winner BUDDY HOLLY STORY starring Oscar award nominee Gary Busey, Oscar award nominee LETHAL WEAPON starring two time Oscar and multi-award-winner Mel Gibson and four time Primetime Emmy nominee and multi-award-winner Danny Glover, Oscar award nominee, and award winner LILO & STITCH, and Oscar award nominee HENRY and award winner 1:54 written by Oscar nominee and award winner Yan England.

Zack Zucker / Junior Manager

Bellevue productions a leading literary management company with a focus on discovering and breaking new writers and writer-directors, working in both the feature film and television spaces. Bellevue has produced the films ALWAYS WATCHING and PARALLEL, as well as ELI, recently released by Netflix. Their clients have been nominated for a Sundance award and went on to win other awards for films like JUNE, ADRIFT. Clients have written on TV shows such as TRAINING DAY, TINY PRETTY THINGS, HAWAII FIVE-O, HAND OF GOD, NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, GOOD GIRLS, LEGACIES, BLACK LIGHTNING, SWEET MAGNOLIAS, THE X-FILES, ARMY WIVES, Z-NATION, and many more.

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Corey Ralston / Manager

Corey Ralston has been involved with entertainment since the age of seven as a child actor in L.A. Today, Corey represents kids and young adults at Bohemia Group having invested 30 years in the entertainment industry. On the production side, Corey is currently developing family-friendly streaming entertainment. In addition to his work, Corey founded and runs a resource community for parents called Child Actor 101 which has dozens of agents, managers, and casting directors moderating discussions and giving frank free advice to those pursuing a career for their children.

Sade Kelly & Chris Giovanni / Managers

CGEM Talent are a Hollywood management company that represent a variety of talent in television, film, and content creation, alternative and unscripted. Responsible for work on productions such as SHAMELESS, AAFCA TV winner FOR LIFE, LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, and Shore Scripts Judge Anthony Florez Fox channel hit, DEPUTY.

Alec Ring / Manager

Since launching in 2001, Cinetic has been an award-winning influential force for innovation, discipline, and transparency in the creation and distribution of all forms of content including award-winning features BOOKSMART, MOONLIGHT, and PARASITE. Cinetic are best known for orchestrating some of the largest industry-shaping finance and sales transactions for independent films in both Sundance and Cannes history. Cinetic has developed a wide range of innovative and customizable services, products, and tools to help their clients develop and achieve short and long-term strategic goals.

James Engel / Literary Manager

Echo Lake Entertainment represents established and emerging actors, writers and directors in television, film, and digital programming. They have produced award-winning TV series VAN HELSING, BLACK SUMMER, and BACKDRAFT. Their clients also contributed to Oscar and award-winning films such as LINCOLN, CONTINUUM, RED, and WONDER WOMAN 1984. ELM represents clients all over the globe and benefits from the reach and international success of the company’s production arm, Echo Lake productions.

Raquelle David / Manager

Elevate Entertainment is a full- service Hollywood talent and literary management firm. They manage a small but strategic award-winning client list from all over the world to bring back the true meaning of personal management, which include films like THE ORDINARY MAN, RAVENOUS, and PITY, which was nominated for a Sundance award. By accessing only, the highest level of contacts within the TV and movie industry, Elevate succeeds as one of the most powerful boutique management firms in Hollywood.

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Daniel Seco / Literary Manager

Daniel Seco is a Literary Manager and partner at Empirical Evidence, a full service literary management & production company, servicing writers and directors in the arenas of film & television, established in December 2020.

Angelina Chen / Manager

Energy Entertainment are widely regarded for their high-level identification of new writer voices. Frequently packaged with A-list producers, directors, and talent and sold via film, television, and premium streaming service buyer relationships. productions include Golden Globe and multi-award-winning film DEADPOOL, Grammy nominee and award-winning film DEADPOOL 2, Primetime Emmy award nominee BATES MOTEL, and award-winner OUT OF THE FURNACE.

Sean Dubravac / Manager

Entertainment Lab is a US bicoastal talent management and production company, with locations in Beverly Hills, CA and Manhattan, NY. Ent Lab deal with all aspects of the storytelling process; from screenwriting to talent to production. They produced award-winning film THE EMPLOYER written by Frank Merle.

Allard Cantor / Manager

Allard Cantor founded Epicenter in 2012 with an emphasis on his love of character-driven entertainment. Epicenter is now an awarding-winning literary management and production company. Among others, Epicenter represents Will Berson, writer of six-time Oscar nominee JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH, and award-winning and Golden Globe nominee POSE written by Steven Canals, Brad Falchuk, and Ryan Murphy. With a continued focus on identifying and guiding the careers of emerging creative individuals, Epicenter aims to place itself at the center of all things film, television, and new media. ​

Jon Levin / Head of Literary Department

Fourward is an award-winning premiere talent management, production advisory and investment company, known for GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS and Oscar, Grammy, and NAACP nominee MARSHALL. Fouward blaze paths for talented creatives, innovative companies, and trusted partners. Founded in 2018 by Will Ward and a recognized leadership team in TV, film and music management, production, and business development, Fourward is dedicated to finding and creating opportunities that make differences in careers and businesses.

Mark Gochman / Lawyer

Gochman Law represents highly successful actors, writers, directors, and producers, as well as emerging and young artists, working in film and television. productions they have overseen in legal matters are Oscar award-winning film WASP written by Andrea Arnold, Primetime Emmy award nominee THE COMEBACK, written by Michael Patrick King and Lisa Kudrow, Oscar and multi award-winner FOREST GUMP, and BAFTA award-winning film AMERICAN HONEY. They work with their clients to help maximize their compensation and creative rights.

Scott Stoops / Manager

Good Fear films is a talent management and production company representing writers, directors, and actors with unique voices who love storytelling. Founded by Chris Bender who produced THE HANGOVER, THE RING, WE’RE THE MILLERS and THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Good Fear’s awarding-winning films include Oscar-nominated MULAN, A COPY OF MY MIND, SATAN’S SLAVES, and THE SIMILARS.

Justin Littman / Manager

The Gotham Group is the only major management/production company owned solely by a woman, representing some of the most creative minds in Hollywood including top directors, writers, and producers, while actively producing such major films as THE MAZE RUNNER franchise, KODACHROME, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, Oscar award nominee and award winner ALLES WIRD GUT and Honorable Mention award winner DIE JACKE written by award winner Patrick Vollrath.

James Swarbrick / CEO

Hindsight is an award-winning specialist media financing business company working across the film and television industries. Their films include Golden Globe nominee THE GUARD, SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, and CONVICTION. Since 2004, the Hindsight team has provided over $600m of finance for UK, US, and European projects, including the acclaimed TV series WOLF HALL, multiple Oscar winner THE KING’S SPEECH, and A STREET CAT NAMED BOB. Other projects include Julian Fellowes’ CROOKED HOUSE and the upcoming Scott Free production ZOE.

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Brent Paxton / CEO & Founder

Kreativ is an artist-friendly management company that believes in transparency and an ongoing conversation with its writers. Kreativ enjoys and fosters all phases of an artist’s career and employs a unique blend of relationship management, marketing savvy, and plain ‘ole hard work to develop careers in the arts.

Bryan O'Connell / Manager

Lady Moon Entertainment represents top tier literary clients responsible for some of the highest grossing motion picture franchises and television series. Their clients films include; three-time Oscar and multi award-winner CRASH written by Oscar award winner Bobby Moresco alongside Oscar and multi-award-winner Paul Haggis, four-time Oscar, and multi-award-winner MILLION DOLLAR BABY, THE SANDLOT and RADIO FLYER written by award nominee David Mickey Evans.

Joseph Cavalier / Manager

LBI Entertainment is an award-winning talent management and production company located in Los Angeles. They represent writers, directors, and producers. They have produced CLIMAX, I STAND ALONE, IRREVERSIBLE, ENTER THE VOID, and represent Primetime Emmy award winner Michael Waldron. writer of Marvel Studios LOKI starring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson.

Braxton Rickert / Manager

Lee Stobby Entertainment is a management production company representing writers, directors, and producers. Their clients have produced some of the best award-winning films to hit the screens including JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3, STAY AWAKE written by award-winning writer Jamie Sisley, THE TRIBE, and DEAFNESS written by Sundance award winner and Golden Bear nominee Myroslav Slaboshpytskyi.

Tim Taylor / Manager

Luber Roklin Entertainment is a talent management company. They manage writers, directors, and producers. Their clients have been involved in the production of films including Golden Globe and multi-award-winner GREY’S ANATOMY, Oscar award-nominee MULAN, and Primetime Emmy award-winner THE 100.

Jenna Sarkin / Manager

Management 360 is a talent and literary management, film, and television production company based in Beverly Hills California. They have award-winning clients including writer/director Greta Gerwig, and their films include THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON, FIVE FINGERS FOR MARSEILLES, PORTISHEAD – COWBOYS, and MOUTHPIECE. Management 360 create extraordinary opportunities for artists. Their upcoming film, FANTASY CAMP, stars Golden Globe award winner Jennifer Garner.

Oren Segal / Manager

Management Production Entertainment is talent management company. Their clients have produced some of the best award-winning motion pictures; Oscar and award-winner for Best Screenplay THE LAST PICTURE SHOW written by Peter Bogdanovich, Oscar winner MONTSTER’S BALL and Golden Globe nominee BIRTH written by Oscar award-nominee and American Screenwriters Association winner Milo Addica. An upcoming comedy and drama feature is JUST LIKE BEAUTY produced by Oren Segal, as one of the producers.

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Mark Morrissey / Manager

Mark is the founder and managing director of Morrissey Management. Celebrating his 35th year in the entertainment business, Mark has nurtured some of the biggest names in Hollywood to fame including the Hemsworth brothers (Chris, Liam, and Luke), Shalom Brune-Franklin, Jai Courtney, Kate Ritchie, Georgie Parker, and Rebecca Breeds. Alongside his successful management company, Mark has Executive Produced a wide variety of Australian film and television projects.

Management Team

Mosaic is a management and production company, producing awarding winning films like SCOOBY-DOO, TALLADEGA NIGHTS: THE BALLAD OF RICKY BOBBY, BAD TEACHER and THE OTHER GUYS. Clients include Chris Pratt (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, JURASSIC WORLD) and Judd Apatow (KNOCKED UP, SUPERBAD, BRIDESMAIDS).

Mason Novick / Manager

MXN Entertainment is an award-winning independent television and film management and production company run by Mason Novick and Michelle Knudsen. They have produced some of the best American films; Oscar and multi-award-winner JUNO and Golden Globe nominee YOUNG ADULT and TULLY written by Oscar award winner Diablo Cody, Sundance winner ME AND EARL AND THE DYING GIRL written by film Independent Spirit Award nominee Jesse Andrews, and Sundance nominee A REASONABLE REQUEST written by co-writers Andrew Laurich and Gabriel Mille.

Stuart Manashil / Manager

NOVO Entertainment is a management company whose clients produce award-winning films including Oscar award and multi-award-Winner THE SEA INSIDE ME and Golden Globe nominee THE OTHERS written by BAFTA nominee and multi-award-Winner Alejandro Amenábar and award-winner Mateo Gil; three-time Primetime Emmy award winner EUPHORIA and ANOTHER HAPPY DAY written by Sundance award winner Sam Levinson, and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE written by award-winner Mike Flanagan.

Adrian Garcia / Manager

Recon Literary is an award-winning talent management company; working with writers, actors, and producers to create compelling motion pictures. Features include; GLACIER POINT, JUDGEMENT HOUSE, BOUNDLESS, QUARTER LIFE CRISIS. Other clients have been features in Golden Globe and multi-award-winner GREY’S ANATOMY, award-winner BABY DADDY, and PART TIME FABULOUS.

Mike Vanderhei / Manager

Rain Management Group was founded on a simple idea: the artist always comes first. Rain are focused on creating opportunities for artists to tell their stories and give voice to their unique vision including 4-time Primetime Emmy award nominee GHOST WHISPERER, HOUSE OF CARDS, SUITS and THE SIMPSONS. As well as managing clients, RMG also produce content through StoryBy Entertainment and have several projects in development for various TV Studios. These include MANSON for NBC, which has Leonardo DiCaprio as an executive producer; EMPIRE RISING for Warner Bros., which has Guy Ritche on board to direct. They recently released THE TERROR for AMC, with executive producer, Ridley Scott. Rain uses their decades of experience to help individuals and companies navigate the entertainment industry and develop their own creative content.

Jay Glazer / Manager

ROAR is a global media & entertainment company representing writers and directors, helping them to achieve their artistic and commercial goals. ROAR also develops & produces film, television, and digital content. Their clients have received awards for THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, GEORGIA RULE, DEAD OF SUMMER ROAR, and the Golden Globe nominee and award winner SHAMELESS.

Brenda Fisher / Manager

RSA connects the industry’s most accomplished filmmakers to world-class studios, networks, producers, and Fortune 500 brands, to tell the world’s most riveting stories. Their features include multi-award-winner THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, CHARLOTTE’S WEB, Golden Globe nominees PERRY MASON, INSECURE, SCANDAL, and WESTWORLD, and Primetime Emmy award nominee FLIPPED. With 60+ years of cumulative industry experience and a keen sense for discovering amazing new talent, RSA has nurtured the careers of Hollywood’s best.

Gavin Dorman / Manager

Schemers Entertainment is a motion picture and film company. award winning films include top box office and Oscar award nominee THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, Sundance nominee TO THE STARS, and HUNTING LANDS.

James Cristiano / Manager

Seven Summits Management is a talent management production company. They manage writers and directors. Their creative talents include multi-Primetime Emmy award winner THE DAILY SHOW, Best Narrative Short nominee I THINK SHE LIKE YOU, UNREQUITED, TO SETTLE OR NOT TO SETTLE, NAACP Image Award nominee NELLA THE PRINCESS KNIGHT, and the Golden Globe nominated TV series RUSSIAN DOLL.

Steve Smith / Manager

Stagecoach Entertainment is a full-service management company for writers, as well as having a production arm that focuses on developing film and television concepts to their full potential. films associated with their clients include Oscar award nominee STAR TREK: FIRST CONTACT, Golden Globe nominee LEGALLY BLONDE, BET Comedy award for Outstanding Writing for a Box Office Movie WHITE CHICKS, and Primetime Emmy nominee THE DREW CAREY SHOW. Stagecoach is currently run by Steve Smith, Evan Lewis, April Baker, James Jolly, and Zina Kreskin.

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Peter Katz / CEO

Story Driven is a management and production company that supports its writers’, and directors’ vision for film, TV, and emerging mediums. Many of their clients are multi-platform storytellers and have worked with studios and streamers including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Universal, Lionsgate, Orion TV, A&E Studios, Landmark Studio Group, and Stage 13.

David Jimenez-Katsman / Manager

Sugar23 is an emerging management and creative platform specializing in creating original, premium content across all media. Their clients have produced award-winning projects such as film Independent Spirit Award nominee 12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST, POLICE ADJECTIVE, and THE WHISTLERS written by award-winner Corneliu Porumboiu, EVA DOESN’T SLEEP, and COVEN written by award-winner Pablo Agüero. ADAM written by Maryam Touzani will make its world premiere in the official selection at the Cannes film Festival. Sugar23 has recently launched an independent podcast studio in house, as well as a book imprint in partnership with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Danny Sherman / Manager

Thruline Entertainment is a Beverly Hills-based management and production company. A variety of Thruline clients have been honored with nominations and wins at the Academy awards, BAFTAs, Golden Globes, the Emmy awards, Tonys, Writers/Directors/Screen Actors Guild awards, and The Grammys, to name but a few. TV projects include PSYCH, Hulu’s THE GREAT and I LOVE YOU AMERICA, ROAST BATTLE at Comedy Central; MAN UP! for ABC, and 100 QUESTIONS for NBC. Feature credits include HUSH, BATMAN & BILL, OBEY GIANT and BELIEVER which recently sold to HBO.

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Rachel Kaminsky / Creative Executive & Lit Manager

Founded in 2015, Tradition Pictures is an independent production and literary management company on a mission to tell meaningful stories about remarkable characters in unbelievable circumstances, regardless of genre or format.

Andrew James Wilson / Lit. Manager

Wonder Street Entertainment is a specialized management and production company. They produced Golden Globe award THE MAURITANIAN, Golden Globe award nominee and multi-award winner BEAST OF NO NATION and Primetime Emmy nominee, NAACP winner for the mini TV series SELF MADE: INSPIRED BY THE LIFE OF MADAM C.J. WALKER. Their clients have directed award winning films like SAW II and REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA directed by award winner Darren Lynn Bousman, and JUAN OF THE DEAD written by award winner Alejandro Brugués.

Bash Naran / Manager

Writ Large is an LA-based entertainment management and production company that specializes in writers and directors in film and television. Their clients have received award-wining mentions for their creative work like DINNER WITH JEFFREY written and directed by Sam Greisman, SWEET LAND written and directed by Ali Selim, and LOST & FOUND written and directed by Bradley Slabe.

Jeff Belkin / Manager

Zero Gravity Management is a progressive entertainment company whose strength lies in the development and representation of screenwriters and directors. They maintain a list of some of the industry’s most established professionals and is also a well-respected full-service production company handling the development, finance, execution, and sale of projects in film, television, and new media. They produced the Netflix TV series Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy award nominee OZARK, THE ACCOUNTANT, A FAMILY MAN, and a Netflix original film BEAST OF NO NATION. They have a tremendous track record of bringing clients’ scripts to screen, and possess a relentless commitment to the projects and people they believe in. They champion provocative stories in all genres. Zero Gravity Management actively seeks exceptional actors, directors, and writers.


Kevin Pham / Creative Executive

Best Case is a full-service podcast studio founded by the award-winning creative team of Kevin Pham and Allie Gallo. They specialize in bringing culturally relevant and unique perspectives to life through narrative audio storytelling.

George Lentz / President

Launched in 2019, Lentz House Media Group provides consulting services in the areas of programming/content acquisitions & licensing, curation & scheduling strategies for AVOD/SVOD, linear TV, audio publishing, and podcasting. Silver Shamrock productions are the content creation arm of Lentz House Media Group, focusing on original scripted and non-scripted series and/or programs for audio, TV, and film. Their mission is straightforward: to bring their passion and specialized eye for genre-specific storytelling to a global audience.

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Jason Goldberg / Director of Development

Launched in 2016, Gunpowder & Sky is a fast-growing independent studio known for groundbreaking music, pop culture, and breakthrough docs and doc series. G&S has released 40+ feature films and series in partnership with leading services including HBO, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Epix, and Starz and also multiple hit podcast series, including the #1 fiction podcast on Apple and the #1 podcast on Audible.

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Jamie Tenenbaum / Director of Development

Treefort Media is an award-winning podcast company dedicated to immersive audio storytelling. The Treefort team creates and produces original premium audio series across all genres, as well as branded content for a variety of top-tier brands and partners.

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Julia Berg / Producer

Untamed Stories exists to push boundaries, provide hope, insight and illuminate life’s most fascinating and important elements through storytelling on screen. Julia has worked in the development of films such as SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, and PLEASE GIVE. Previously, Julia worked for BAFTA and Oscar-winning talent/producers – Maven Pictures, Likely Story, and JW films.

Brandon Kops / Head of Partnerships

We Are Paradox believe entertainment can power breakthroughs in our culture. They make series, features and podcasts that are urgent, premium, empathetic, and optimistic. The team has 50-plus of years of expertise in entertainment development, production, sales, marketing, design, operations, and film/TV finance at brands including Brat TV, Conde Nast Entertainment, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures, StudioCanal, Vice Studios, Warner Brothers and William Morris Entertainment. They helped develop SOUL BALM Podcast by Clark Moore, BB LOVE, and THE RESOLUTIONISTS. Upcoming series includes DOROTHY THE GREAT, A WOMAN POSSESSED, THE PLUM RIVER SCHOOL FOR EXCITABLE GIRLS, and UNDERTOW CHIP.