How To Find A Screenwriting Job

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There is no way to sugar-coat the truth; finding screenwriting jobs has always been challenging. However, there are still numerous ways how to get a job as a screenwriter and find work in the film industry.

Events such as the global pandemic are particularly hard on freelance screenwriting jobs, and many creatives have struggled. You may experience a decrease in work, wages or face unemployment. Times can be hard, but they can always get better.

Websites Where You Can Find Screenwriting Jobs

Below is a list of places to find screenwriting jobs. This includes freelance, full-time, and alternative ways to find work as a filmmaker this new year.

Screenwriting Incentives

There are lots of incentives for screenwriters who keep writing.

Screenwriting contests still represent a great way to get your script in front of the industry. Here’s a list of some of the best Screenwriting Contests. A win at a big contest can kick-start your career. But even if you do not win, many screenwriting contests give feedback on your script which can help improve your screenwriting.

Or you might choose to check out funding opportunities through the Australian Writer’s Resource or Screenwriting Fellowships.

The great news is that there are opportunities for screenwriters everywhere, but if it is a jobs for screenwriters you are looking for, try out some of the websites and resources listed below.

Explore Film Job Sites and get hired as a screenwriter

Many production companies and producers use film job sites for advertising crew work. What some screenwriters don’t realize is that they can also list screenwriting jobs too. The work advertised on these sites is typically freelance and can change quickly. As such, it’s a good idea to bookmark the websites you like and check up on them every week. Some websites you might not already know about are ISA Writing Gigs, Screenwriting Staffing, Video Collective, and Entertainment Careers.

Film Industry Sites that offer screenwriting jobs

Although most film work is freelance, it is possible to get a full-time screenwriting job. You can find these positions on film job sites, as well as ordinary job sites. Another way to find full-time jobs as a screenwriter is by looking at the career pages of a production company’s website. Some companies only use their websites for in-house work. So if there is a company you want to work for, bookmark their career page ( e.g., Lucas Film, Netflix Jobs, and NBC careers).

Find Jobs in the Film Industry through Film Commision

Film commissions are a lesser-known way to find film work. These are government-run organizations aimed at encouraging local filmmaking. In fact, every country and state has a film commission that provides advice for local filmmakers. Some of these also have screenwriting jobs listing pages, and many advertise networking events. No matter what job you are after in the film industry, networking with local filmmakers is necessary. A great website that lists all US state commissions and production resources is SAGindie.

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Strategies for Finding Script Writing Jobs

Facebook Groups

If you’re not already using social media to find jobs for screenwriters, then you are missing out. You can use social media to promote your services, gather fans, and find screenwriting jobs. This can be as easy as searching for work in a social media search bar, but the best way is to use Facebook groups. You can find groups that are local to you or job-specific. To do this, search for your job role followed by your location and the keyword screenwriters or filmmakers.

Script Reading

Or you may want to start script reading. Keep in mind this is not for every screenwriter, as it involves giving feedback on scripts instead of writing them. Many coverage services have open calls for screenwriting jobs every year including Coverfly and The Black List. Even if they are not advertising jobs right now, they may have vacancies in the future. A tip for finding freelance work is to bookmark useful websites and check in on them every few weeks to see what new jobs have shown up.

Standing Out in the Industry: How to Get Noticed as a Screenwriter

Other Writer Jobs

As a screenwriter, you can also branch out to other freelance screenwriting jobs. It’s always a good idea to make income from a variety of different avenues. Writers are needed for all sorts of work, from online content writing to magazine articles, social media, and online videos. You can find jobs advertised by searching on social media, job sites, or directly contacting publishing companies. Some websites that offer great advice for freelance writers are The Freelancers Year, Study Hall, and The Write Life.

Wrapping Up

Screenwriting jobs are not easy to get, and recent events have made it even harder. You may need to have a different approach to work in the future and experiment with other income streams. But it is not all bad news; you can still take steps toward your goals; the film industry never dies.

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