Why should I enter? How will you help me?

Our goal is to help emerging screenwriters break into the industry. There is no single way to achieve this. However, we know from experience that many writers and filmmakers launch their careers through short films. Our Short Film Fund offers an opportunity for emerging screenwriters and filmmakers to have their short films financed and produced, and create a calling card to help them progress in the industry as a writer or writer/director.
For the most part, agents, managers, and producers are not particularly interested in short scripts because they are rarely sold, and produced short films rarely make a profit. However, those same agents, managers, and producers will absolutely watch short films to discover new talent they may want to sign and work with, as well as find short-form material to adapt into features or TV series. 
Short films can absolutely gain notable momentum at film festivals and/or online, garnering the writer and director much-deserved attention from the industry. Attending festivals and meeting like-minded people will allow you to build connections that will help pave the way for your future projects and successes. Our commissioned short films have gone on to play at hundreds of renowned festivals including Tribeca, Cannes, BFI London, Austin, Palm Springs, Encounters, and many more. 
The Short Film Fund provides many of the necessary resources to get your short film, web series pilot, or proof-of-concept made, including financing, camera equipment rental, script development, production and post-production advice and support, film festival consultancy, access to filmmaking contacts if needed, and more. Further, if you’ve already shot your film, our Fund is open to projects seeking finishing funds as well.
Additionally, Finalists who are not awarded the production funding will still have the option to have their scripts circulated to the relevant members of our Industry and Directors Rosters who may be interested in helping you get your short produced.