Why should I enter? How will you help me?

Our goal is to help emerging screenwriters break into the industry. The Script Development Fund offers you an opportunity to transform your story idea into a screenplay that will make people take notice of you and your work.

We understand that many aspiring writers struggle to find the time to write whilst supporting themselves and their families. That’s why we’re offering two writers the chance to win cash prizes plus 12 months of free script development.

The cash prizes awarded to the two Winners of this contest are intended to finance greater freedom for writers, whether that’s taking time off from work, attending a writer’s retreat, engaging childminders, or any other way the writer sees fit that will help them find dedicated time to write. We also get that writing can sometimes be an isolating experience, so our Head of Education here at Shore Scripts will be there for you – offering Script Development for one year to both Winners; providing ongoing coverage and feedback to help you create the best screenplay possible.

It’s not just about getting the script ready; it’s about getting the writer ready too, so at the end of the year, both Winners’ scripts will be reviewed and if the time is right, the Winners will work with our Writer Development Manager to send their scripts out to members of our Industry and Directors roster.

Shore Scripts does not seek to obtain any rights over your script at any time.