Why should I enter? How will you help me?

Our goal is to help emerging screenwriters break into the industry. If you’re a writer who hasn’t yet gotten your break, you’ve probably found that getting your work in the hands of people within the film and television industry can feel like an impossible task. Shore Scripts was created to bridge that gap between emerging screenwriters and the industry.

Most screenplay contests, if they send your work out at all, will most likely send out a mass email of all projects, without any context. These are subsequently ignored by the industry.

Our Writer Development Program was designed to veer away from these common pitfalls and create real and tangible opportunities and successes for our writers. Winners and Finalists are invited to join the Writer Development Program where our Program Manager will get on call with the writers and develop a personalized plan for their development. Forging strong relationships with our writers is essential in not only learning who you are as a writer and what you want from your career, but it allows us to passionately sell you and your work to the most suited people on our Industry Roster.

By working so specifically and individually on both the writer and industry sides, Shore has created something truly unique among screenplay contests – an ongoing engagement with writers, constant communication with verified industry professionals, and a resource for competition alumni that exists long after the competition cycle has ended.

Shore Scripts writers have gained representation through many of our industry roster agents and managers, sold specs, and been staffed on shows for companies such as Blumhouse, Netflix, Paramount, Film4, NBC, Hulu, HBO, Universal, SYFY, FOX, Sony, SkyTV, Peacock & Others.