1) What is Script Coverage?

Script Coverage is a reader’s thorough analysis of a writer’s work. Coverage started out in Studios where readers were employed to read countless scripts so that the producers didn’t have to! These reports were purely for internal use, with the reader marking a script with a Pass, Recommend, or Consider. Scripts that were marked Recommend would get passed up the food chain. The writer would never be privy to these comments. 

Our coverage service is more than that. Our sole intention is to help a writer create a better draft of their work. To get it to a point where it’s ready to be sent out to people in the industry. We are completely honest over what we feel does and doesn’t work, giving clear reasons for our opinions. When analyzing a screenplay, our readers focus and write about the Premise, Structure, Character, Dialogue, Pace, Visuals, Believability, Marketability, and provide a Conclusion. We make suggestions throughout the coverage as to how the writer can improve their story. 

We offer different types of feedback, so it’s worth checking out which is best for you.