The Ultimate A24 Screenplay Collection

In the media age of Intellectual Property, indie film studio A24 reaffirms the existence of cinema-goers demanding new ideas. Take an inside look at the making of some of their greatest scripts below.


From disruptive new-wave horrors to wholesome coming-of-age dramedies, our Ultimate A24 Screenplay Collection has something for every writer. 


Traverse through their years of expansion from the early features to the first award winners and their most recent TV pilots. Or first, delve deeper into the magic behind A24 here.

Euphoria | 2019-

A look at life for a group of high school students as they grapple with issues of drugs, sex, and violence.

Ramy | 2019-

In New Jersey, Ramy, son of Egyptian immigrants, begins a spiritual journey, divided between his Muslim community, God, and his friends who see endless possibilities.

Everything Everywhere All At Once | 2022

A middle-aged Chinese immigrant is swept up into an insane adventure in which she alone can save existence by exploring other universes and connecting with the lives she could have led.

Minari | 2020

A Korean family starts a farm in 1980s Arkansas.

First Cow | 2020

A skilled cook has traveled west and joined a group of fur trappers in Oregon, though he only finds true connection with a Chinese immigrant also seeking his fortune. Soon the two collaborate on a successful business.

Uncut Gems | 2019

With his debts mounting and angry collectors closing in, a fast-talking New York City jeweler risks everything in hope of staying afloat and alive.

Waves | 2019

The Lighthouse | 2019

Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

The Farewell | 2019

A Chinese family discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decides to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she dies.

Midsommar | 2019

A couple travels to Northern Europe to visit a rural hometown’s fabled Swedish mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

The Last Black Man in San Francisco | 2019

A young man searches for home in the changing city that seems to have left him behind.

mid90s | 2018

Follows Stevie, a thirteen-year-old in 1990s-era Los Angeles who spends his summer navigating between his troubled home life and a group of new friends that he meets at a Motor Avenue skate shop.

Eighth Grade | 2018

An introverted teenage girl tries to survive the last week of her disastrous eighth-grade year before leaving to start high school.

Hereditary | 2018

A grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences.

The Disaster Artist | 2017

When Greg Sestero, an aspiring film actor, meets the weird and mysterious Tommy Wiseau in an acting class, they form a unique friendship and travel to Hollywood to make their dreams come true.

Lady Bird | 2017

In 2002, an artistically inclined 17-year-old girl comes of age in Sacramento, California.

Swiss Army Man | 2016

A hopeless man stranded on a deserted island befriends a dead body, and together they go on a surreal journey to get home.

The Florida Project | 2017

Set over one summer, the film follows precocious six-year-old Moonee as she courts mischief and adventure with her ragtag playmates and bonds with her rebellious but caring mother, all while living in the shadows of Walt Disney World.

20th Century Women | 2016

The story of a teenage boy, his mother, and two other women who help raise him among the love and freedom of Southern California in 1979.

Moonlight | 2016

A young African-American man grapples with his identity and sexuality while experiencing the everyday struggles of childhood, adolescence, and burgeoning adulthood.

The Witch | 2015

A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft, black magic, and possession.

Room | 2015

Held captive for 7 years in an enclosed space, a woman and her young son finally gain their freedom, allowing the boy to experience the outside world for the first time.

Ex Machina | 2014

A young programmer is selected to participate in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid A.I.

The Bling Ring | 2013

Spring Breakers | 2012

Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.

Screenplay Collection by Ella Henke.

Ella is a lover of all things storytelling. When she’s not conducting market research at her part-time job as a movie theatre usher, she’s interning at Shore Scripts or hunched over Final Draft. So far, her scripts tell coming-of-age tales that are seemingly about very little but show seismic shifts in her character’s growing worlds. You can find her at

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