I received a 4-5 page analysis of my full length screenplay and I would fully recommend the service. The Shore Scripts team provided a thoughtful and consistently clear analysis of my script. They recognized the anomalies and unanswered questions within the script and they identified how to make my story more structured, my characters clearer and my ending more satisfying. As a writer, I put my heart and soul into my work and it’s sometimes difficult to hand something over for critical appraisal but I found their advice to be respectful and encouraging. Most importantly, their knowledge of the industry combined with their enthusiasm for scriptwriting gave me with a deeper understanding of how to appeal to a commercial market without undermining the story I wanted to tell. 

Karen Murphy

Last year I gave Shore Scripts a try. I submitted a screenplay, paid a modest fee for standard coverage, and received six pages of invaluable feedback: Detailed analysis of what I wrote, not the reader’s projected issues. Story, structure, characters, dialogue, pacing. What works, what doesn’t, and why. Along with suggestions for improvement and what distinguishes the writer’s voice.

Now instead of forcing myself to write a script every year or two, I write at some point every day. The entire process is joyful. I look forward to the feedback as much as I do the next day of writing. Though I have a full-time job and other responsibilities that claim my time, I’ve written three scripts over the past year with the assistance of Shore Scripts’ coverage and grown tremendously as a writer.

Regardless of the competition results, or whether something of mine sells, which no service can guarantee, I know where I can go for what every writer needs: excellent analysis of their work. So, I will keep writing, and keep coming back to Shore Scripts for coverage.

Michael Mack

The script analysis was very helpful mainly by enhancing my self-confidence in writing! The reviewer offered constructive criticism that enabled me to get back into fine tuning the script.

Martine Allard

Shore Scripts’ feedback is honest and hugely beneficial. The constructive criticism is there to truly help give you a better insight into the potential of your script. One can clearly see the time and effort that went into the detailed analysis. The fee for the service is extremely reasonable. Highly recommended!

Aly Lalji

One of the toughest aspects of rewriting is differentiating between what is and isn’t working. The feedback from the analysis clearly identified both and considered all angles of the script including the artistic, the technical, and the practical. The tone was also extremely encouraging – it really felt like they wanted me to create the tightest, most polished story possible.

Deborah Heslop

The comments provided were extremely invaluable to me and will really help when approaching the next draft. 

Sam Uhlemann

Thank you so much for such a detailed and comprehensive feedback!   It really helps with my ongoing editing and script development.   Will take all your wonderful suggestions into consideration.

Oksana Cobb

The feedback I received through the analysis was very constructive and the insight from professionals really inspired me to continue my pursuit of scriptwriting.

Jesse Harp

When writers are ready to receive feedback on a screenplay, they often rely on friends or people within their microcosm to give them feedback. 

To have an anonymous reader objectively go through a script and point out the good, the bad, and the ugly, is invaluable. As a professional screenwriter, I have received many sets of coverage – but the one from Shore was especially helpful and thoughtfully written. The reader’s understanding of storytelling- broken down into structure, character etc. – was very impressive. I highly recommend using their services.

Hugo Venning

Based on what I read online, I entered my current script in the Shore Scripts contest. I paid the extra few bucks for an analysis. Surprisingly, the analysis came within a week. It’s almost 5 pages and is all about my script (no boilerplate text). It’s clear to me that the reviewer put significant time and energy into this critique, and the personal style of the writing leads me to think he/she is being genuine. 

But the most valuable parts of any critique are the suggestions for improvement. The reviewer made 6 specific recommendations which seem spot-on. I will probably do exactly as suggested. 

So far, I recommend this contest, even if I don’t advance very far.

John Van Roekel