2016’s Short Film Contest Winner

It’s a pleasure to announce the inaugural winner of 2016’s Shore Scripts Short Film Fund.
Claire is currently in production on LIFT which is shooting in New York.

  LIFT By Claire Fowlershort film contest winner: LIFT by Claire Fowler

A female Lyft driver navigates the night shift in NYC while waiting to hear life or death news from Syria. 

“I’m so blown away and honoured. This is such an amazing opportunity to make a film I care about. Thank you so much!” Claire Fowler


 LIFT has received a £5000 production budget, free ARRI Rental equipment, and the support of Shore Scripts staff through from pre to post production. 

2016’s Short Film Contest Finalists

2016 was the first year that we have run our Short Film Fund. We’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality of the screenplays entered. We would like to say a huge Thank You to every writer who submitted their work. It really was a monumental task narrowing down our entries! So much so that we have had to go with 13 finalists as opposed to our initial plan of choosing 10.

We are proud to announce our Short Film Fund Finalists below.

DINNER AT ROMEROS by Francil Silva
A couple goes through a rough patch during a zombie apocalypse.

Echo Boulevard is a short film revolving around Caleb, a pianist in his mid 20s whose life is turned upside down when he starts to receive death threats in the mail.

FINGERS By Lachlans Marks
Spurred on by a tall story from his deadbeat Uncle, eight-year-old Tom takes it upon himself to confront a local legend and consider a terrifying sacrifice for his family.

Hlf pSt ninE By Douglas Stark
An eccentric writer is released from a mental facility after an unsuccessful suicide attempt and returns home. As his carefully constructed recovery program falls apart, the writer turns to his one and only confidant — the ancient typewriter who provided him with all his masterpieces

Claire had everything going for her, yet something happened. Something she’s not talking about. With only one semester left before she graduates, Claire finds herself in a new town, starting over from scratch.

LIFT By Claire Fowler
A female Lyft driver navigates the night shift in NYC while waiting to hear life or death news from Syria.

M.P.T. By Rob Cramer

A dark comedy about a botched home invasion.

REGGIE FONDERS By Zachary B Friedman
Corrupt televangelist, Reggie Fonder’s faith is tested as he is nearly killed by an act of God on Live television.

RUN MY DEAR By Marjory Kaptanoglu
A mother hides her son—an escaped convict—while police search for him, but even he doesn’t know how far she will go to save him.

SPOILER ALERT By Ellen Waddell

THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS By Kingsley Hoskins & Piers Black Hawkins
T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the house, the only creature now stirring, was robbing the joint…A dark comedy about Father Christmas’s biggest business night of the year.

TREE SUIT TAILOR By Maximillian G.L. Ward
The rules of a  man of meticulous ritual, who discreetly disposes of the deceased, are put to the test.